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    lap band surgeory?

    anyone got it done? How was it ?? Did it help with weight issues ??

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    I have known several people that have had it done....but the fact that they didnt change eating habits or even attempt to work out basically did nothing for them...On the other hand there is issues with having to readjust the band possibly several times before you actually see a decline in weight...To be honest i looked into being i have always been a big guy...6'3 and was 300 when i left High School and im a active person living and working on our farm...I eventually got the Gastric Sleeve surgery and its one of the best choices ive made...But lapband does have its issues here and there...

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    Unless you have some very rare medical condition that's caused you to balloon up, surgery is always a stupid answer.

    Get out there and work for your results.

    I know someone who used to talk about about how they lost a ton of weight. Another friend of mine who'd been wanting to lose weight was inspired by her success. As was discovered a couple weeks later, we got it out of them that they'd just gone the irresponsible and lazy route of having surgery. That really demotivated my other friend, unfortunately, as he'd looked up to the other person because of what he thought was their hard work and success.

    As for the person who's had the surgery and how they're doing now? They changed nothing about themselves. Continued to eat like a huge fatty, not doing a bit of exercise and is ballooning back up again. Gained back something like 30 pounds just over the past couple months.

    You want a change? Work for it. There's most likely absolutely no reason you can't. The fact is you need to change your life and your lifestyle. That's how you see and are able to keep results.

    It took you years and possibly a lifetime to put on that weight. It's going to take time to work it off. Pills, surgeries, fad diets, promises of dropping 20 pounds a week, don't work. The solution is personal work, and slow and steady results.
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