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    Depending on the muscle grp I'll do 2-3 per groupe with set intervals of around 1 minute at the most, depending on the intensity. I'll take shorter breaks on cable row than military press, for instance.
    And no, of course you should take a shower. Anything else is just gross, man

    Aged 29, 6'6" (200cm), and 290 lbs/131 kg, 19% bf. Bit chubby, but hey. All bought and paid for, eh But then again, I only go once or twice a week, as I'm fine with how I am now.
    Personal best bench is 340, but I only did two or three reps, and its a long time ago, so I probably can't do that any more. I do sets of 190-220, depending on my condition for the day. I did the 300+ at 23, I think, after 2 years in the gym. So that'd make it 6, almost 7 years ago.

    Curl the 48 lbs and.. Not sure about the EZ bar as I don't really do that exercise any more, and I absolutely don't squat as the last thing I want is to gain mass on the thighs. That comes by default from being my height/weight, and I can barely find jeans as it is.

    But really. Stop concerning yourself with what weight is on the bar, and focus on doing it right instead. You're young and probably still growing, so don't overdo it, seriously. Take it easy. And also, a 160 lbs guy should not under any circumstance attempt to lift 300 lbs with out plenty of training for it, and plenty of spotting. Instead, if you want to get involved with the numbers, look at what you do, relative to your own weight, and ignore the guys with their veins showing. No good will come of it.

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    Don't think in terms of muscles i.e. "I'm doing shoulders and chest today".

    Just do the 4 foundational lifts: Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Bench. Targetting muscles is simply not efficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syegfried View Post
    I have some quick questions for you guys!

    1)how many exercises you do per muscle?
    2)how long do you take inbetween sets? 2 minutes?
    3)Is it a bad thing taking a shower about 10 minutes or so after working out?

    And just for curiosity:

    how much you lift in bench/squads/curls, your height and weight and how long it took you to be able to lift that 300 pounds in bench.

    I bench about 100, 140 on squads and about 50 on the EZ bar(i know i am a weak bastard but i am just 16 and i am 160 lbs and 5"6" (172cms)

    1) Anywhere from 16-20 sets in the entire workout for the day, 4 sets per exercise.
    2) Rest between 30 seconds-2 minutes, depends on the weight/exercise
    3) Idk, I'm sure it's fine. See people do it at the gym all the time.

    Don't bench/squat/curl, I prefer dumbbells over the barbells for benching. 5'11 195 lbs, not expecting any strength gains seeing that I'm cutting at the moment(not saying that I'm not trying to). I did however recently started deadlifting, love it. 310 lbs

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