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    [BIO] Samus, Master-at-Arms

    Name: Ser Samus Black, or Samus of the Blackwald

    Age: 36

    Race: Worgen

    Gender: Male

    Languages: Common

    Class: Warrior/Knight


    Personality: Determined, Witty, Fierce, Courageous

    Likes: Battle, Weapons, Armor, Hunting, Feasts

    Dislikes: Forsaken, Horde, Betrayers, Losing

    Appearance: Samus stands six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a thick chest. His body is muscular and toned, befitting the physique of a life long warrior. His face is bold, with a strong jaw and high cheek bones, his eyes shine deep blue. His hair is dark brown and spills over is head in the form of long well kept dreadlocks that reach past his shoulders.

    Strengths: Can wield any weapon more than proficiently, a master of duel wielding, is a seasoned veteran, more than comfortable in his worgen form even when wearing armor, his wit, knows that he is not invincible.

    Weaknesses: Cares little for the troubles of others, slow to trust others, sometimes frightens his allies while in battle, drinks heavily to hide the fact that everyone he has ever served has died.

    History: (WIP)

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