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    [Anime] Best anime of all time?

    Which is your all time favourite?

    code geass, hands down the winner by a long shot in my opinion

    PS. if anyone can spare 3 mins, please fill in the below survey, trying to do research for thesis, thanks!
    Included joke at end to make it worth your time
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiddykong View Post
    Which is your all time favourite?

    code geass, hands down the winner by a long shot in my opinion
    i actually agree its def one of my favs as well but ive seen so many its hard to choose >.<
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    Puella Magi Madoka Magica wins, no questions.

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    It's a hard question to answer for me. Not because there are "so many" but because what it means to have a favorite.

    The best anime I've ever seen is Gunslinger Girl (season 1 only). It's the only anime I've ever seen that I would reasonably compare to a piece of literature in terms of quality. However, it is also an unbelievably sad show; far more poignant and haunting than any other drama I've ever seen. The drama isn't in what happens so much as the world that is presented. These girls are stripped of just enough of their humanity to kill without hesitation, but left with enough to suffer. That the Social Welfare Corporation has redirected the most primal need of children to be loved to serve their instructors in violence and death is overwhelmingly disgusting. Like a necrotic wound this spreads pain beyond the girls and eats away at everybody around them.

    Furthermore, that so much detail is put into the locations, history, weapons, firing technique, etc adds a disturbing level of plausible reality. The art direction is also absolutely top notch; whoever was designing this series knew how to make shots that gave it a profound sense of existential melancholy. The color pallet is subdued, the scenes often slow and fixated on small details, and there is masterful juxtaposition of all the beauty Italy has to offer which heightens the darkness at the core of the series. They also have an incredible selection of music; you'd think "The Light Before We Land," "Woke From Dreaming," and stanzas of Beethoven's 9th were written just for the show they're put to such good effect (spoilers in the latter two links). It's not an anime I recommend to everybody, because if you don't get it it's slow and boring and if you do get it you'll probably end up in a daze like I was for several days after finishing it (I don't think I'll ever forget Rico's "I'm very happy here at the Social Welfare Corporation" at the end of episode 3).

    However, if we're just talking series that I enjoyed watching the most then it's a toss up between either FMA: Brotherhood or Ghost in the Shell.

    Edit: although Mushishi was remarkably refreshing/calming to watch.
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    I liked Death Note, Full Metal Panic, Inuyasha, Naruto..

    If I had to choose it'd prolly be Naruto

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    Going with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Monster, and Ergo Proxy.

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    Also high on the list:
    12 Kingdoms, Scrapped Princess, Kino's Journey, and Haruhi Suzumiya (season 1)
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    really enjoyed Hoshizora e kakaru hashi
    I haven't seen much of those older animes so can't make an educated opinion on those.
    Naruto is overrated imo, but that opinion might be biased due to the shiz we get in shippuden, vanilla was cool.

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    Hellsing or Rurouni Kenshin are my all time favorites.

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    Code geass by far the best.Seconded by Great Teacher Onizuka.

    Also:Full Metal Panic,Ergo Porxy,Durarara,Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom,Busou Renkin,Serial Experiments Lain,Detroit Metal City,Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni,Bakemonogatari..etc. are worth mentioning.
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    I stopped watching anime when I got really hadcore into WoW which is around three years ago. But I do still keep up with Naruto and Bleach (manga). It's really hard for me to choose a fav. I would say for "oldschool" anime my fave would have to be Great Teacher Onizuka, and for more modern anime's i would have to say Naruto. I love bleach but there's just not enough dialog and story in the manga compared to Naruto. Though I will say Ichigo going all ninja in the latest chapter of bleach was pretty amazing.

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    Neon Genesis or Ghost in the Shell serieseseseses.

    If Miyazaki films count, theyd be the winners.

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    Best Art? Probably Death NoteBest Legacy? Shit, if it ain't DBZ idk what it could be.Best Commercial Franchise? Toss up between YuGiOh and Pokemon, but I'll say Pokemon even if it was a game first.Best Animation? Hmm... FMA: BrotherhoodBest Anime CURRENTLY? One piece, for god knows what reason.Best Anime of all time? Well, that's a toughie, but I'm an avid fanboy for a reason, and I say dbz. No amount of amazing storytelling and badass artwwork could top dbz's high end fighting sequences. But if I weren't a dbz nut id go with a classic like evanvelion or code geass or something.

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    No doubt about it for me...Cowboy Bebop

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsyannick View Post
    Naruto is overrated imo, but that opinion might be biased due to the shiz we get in shippuden, vanilla was cool.
    Just like the original DragonBall was actually pretty cool?
    Of the few animes I've seen, I guess I'd vote Card Captor Sakura.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxefluff View Post
    Best Art? Probably Death NoteBest
    Best art goes to Mononoke (not the movie) IMO.

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    So many of you would be flamed by /a/ for your choices it's not even funny... Either way, it'll have to be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for me.

    EDIT: Then again, most would argue that FMA: Brotherhood is the best anime of all time. I guess it all comes down to personal preference.
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    Code Geass. Utterly brilliant series; great characters, smooth plot, just the right amount of intrigue and action... a must-see.

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