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    (BIO) Thalarian Suntreader

    Name: Thalarian Suntreader

    Age:300(no joke intended)

    Race:Sin'dorei(blood elf)

    Languages:Thalassian,Common(having spent time in Dalaran), Orcish


    Appearence: Thalarian has around 1.80 metres in height and long blonde hair. He has a blonde tuft and characteristic green eyes.

    He usualy wears comfy, long robes but when entering conflict he sports a solid blood mage-like armor.

    Apart from a small, enchanted dagger and a staff he wears no weapons.

    Personality: As most Blood Elves, he is arogant and despises the other horde races for not (apparently) being cultured, scholarly races. He is a bery serious person and would rather get the job done fast and simple, rather than linger and waiting for something to happen.

    He always calculates his next move, never wanting to be caught unprepared.

    Likes: Studying, magic users, nature, the beautiful landscapes of Azeroth, history.

    Dislikes: Brute force, inculture, undead(although he shares simpathy for the forsaken due to their lives being destroyed by the one he hates the most) .

    Story: Thalarian was the only son of the magister Eldras Suntreader and his mother, Evelin.

    Since being young he had developed magic abilities: he could conjure solid items out of nowhere and bend the water after his will. His profieciency with fire, however was disappointing. One day,in an attempt to trigger Thalarian's ability to control fire, his father locked him inside their home, magicaly setting it on fire. Although he was in no real danger, Thalarian was traumatised by the experience, and developed a strong fear to fire.

    He then went to Dalaran in order to study advanced arcane arts and possibly learn how to use fire spells, the latter which was again a disappointing result. Thalarian promised himself to focus on the arcane and frost instead, regretting that he could not meet his father's expectations.

    When Arthas attacked Quel'Thalas, Thalarian was at his parent's home while his father was out there, defending his nation. When giant gates opened, he was horrified to see that undead were marshalling inside the city, instead of the army of bloodelves which included his father. He casted spells at the undead untill he was forced to retreat in his home, the street filled with corpses. The Scourge eventually burned lit the houses...

    Reborn,from the ashes
    "MOTHER! Thalarian yelled through the scorching inferno his house had become. It was his childhood nightmare all over again. He was an adult now, a mature and accomplished mage, yet in all these years he could never get past his inability to use the powers of fire and get over his fears..

    "MOTHER!" cried Thalarian again, as he quickly climbed the stairs to his mother's bedroom. As he arrived, he could only see how only ashes remained of his parent's chamber, and probably his mother.

    The thought of losing both his parents shocked him: he didn't see the flaming woodpiece that fell on top of him. There he lay, burried under the burning rubble, bound to his greatest fear.

    Stories said he felt no pain, while his hatred built, his body broken yet alive, hearing the screams of his fellow brethren. By the time he came to his senses and remembered everything, the city was burned, most of its inhabitants dead, the undead rampant.

    Remembering the recent events, his hatred, his anger grew so strong all of his wounds looked like disappearing. He was ablaze: but it did not hurt him... HE was the fire, and the fire could burn him no more . Lifting the rubble with a mighty flame wave, he ascended from the scorched ruin that was once the house of his family, his facial hair gone and his eyes turned into a pale yellow.

    "Everything...gone.." but as he finished his thought, a horde of undead attempted to attack him.

    The first to strike, slashed at his chest with it's claws. Through magic unknown, the ghoul's hand immediately melted when it came to contact with his armor.

    He couldn't control anymore: "They've took my family. My city. My life" With a mighty cry, he created a mass of fire that immediately devoured the undead, leaving only ashes behind.

    It felt good to wield the power in such a way. Never did the arcane answer his desire to hurt in such a manner. He became fond of his new abilities and made good use of them as he escaped from the ruined city.

    Only after years would he return here, in the now Horde-aligned Silvermoon City let by Lor'Themar and his council.

    He made his way to the Southern Eastern Kingdoms and travelled through Azeroth, hoping that his parents would still be alive.

    In the end, he had to face that his parents were probably long gone. He created a monument for them on the hill they used to tell him they first met. The monument is the most sacred place in Azeroth for Thalarian:here he comes to meditate, feeling closer to the previous, concerns-ridden life he used to live. The monument is surrounded by everburning candles, created by Thalarian.

    The sacking of Quel'thalas had quite an effect on the elf: He became more cold and willing to defeat his enemies in any way possible, but it also made him value what he has, making him strive for better.

    Thalarian was not seen for years, until reports said "The skies of Icecrown were lit ablaze by a giant phoenix, on the ground floor a blood elf who lay devastation in the middle of the undead horde, like a burning whirlwind" .

    Thalarian finaly found peace when le learnt that the Lich King was dead, knowing that his parents were avenged, although he found the taste of vengeance bitter-sweet, as he always dreamt about delivering the final blow himself. He left Dalaran and resumed his journey through Azeroth. To this day, he focused on gaining complete control upon his fire spells and not relying on anger to fuel his power.

    Strengths: Extreme magic control and precision: he can scorch a hawk's feather from ground level ; Anger only makes him stronger ; A rational mind that uses strategy to defeat its opponents.

    Weakness: While his magic capability is top-class, his physical fighting style is a mess: he can't even wield a mace and is a danger to himself when slashing a dagger.

    Being an elf, he has superior magic control but less raw power than say, humans.

    Can sometimes let anger take over, gaining more power but losing control and forsaking strategy
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    Well the main focus of your bio is that he unlocked his strength through fire with grief? Its kinda of hard to understand because you said he had trouble harnessing fire, maybe explain this part a little more. Explain how the fire came to his aid, was it a blessing from some type of god, or some other magical reasoning. Also you left out the strength's/weaknesses part of the bio, make sure to get that in there.

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