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    World First 2000 Guild Achievement Points, Armory - Companion & Mounts, MMO Report

    World First 2000 Guild Achievement Points - Intent of US-Kel'thuzad
    While people are working on first kill, others are using their time to get achievement points for their guild, a lot of them. A few days ago, Intent of US-Kel'thuzad was the first guild to reach 2000 Guild Achievement Points in the world! They only have 4 achievement left on their list:

    Congratulations to the entire guild for an impressive achievement, and for spending so much time with nemex without eventually deciding to kill him. I know I would.

    New Official Website Feature - Companions and Mounts
    Totally missed that blue post earlier this week, you can now track your mounts and pets on the official website! You can now go to the Companions & Mounts tab of your profile to get a list of all the mounts and companion pets you currently own + the ones you don't have yet!

    The list also includes a couple of filters, a small modelviewer, and information on where to get the ones you're missing!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    We recently updated the character profile system with a brand new feature to help you track your loyal companion pets and stalwart mounts.

    A visit to your character profile will reveal a new heading entitled “Companions & Mounts.” There you’ll find a complete list of in-game pets and mounts that your character can discover throughout Azeroth (and beyond). The list is conveniently divided between those that your character has already collected, and those that you have yet to find.

    Still pursuing a particular pet? Mad for a magnificent mount? Just mouse over the object of your desire in the Companions & Mounts page and you’ll see information that should help make your next hunt a success. You can filter the results to make it easier to find pets and mounts from a particular source, or sort them by rarity to help you plan future collecting expeditions.

    The update is live, so head on over to your character profile to visit your pals right now!

    The MMO Report
    The sunday/monday news just wouldn't be the same without the MMO Report.

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    Cool, Gratz to them.

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    Nice grats to them!

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    nemex profile picture fits so well !

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    Gratz on 2k ach points

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    What an amazing guild!

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    Thanks guys, trust me we all have had thought of murdering him.

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    New website features look awesome.

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    New mounts and companions stuff is awesome, and a big grats to Nemex and friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joerogan View Post
    Thanks guys, trust me we all have had thought of murdering him.
    OT: grats to Intent

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    Congrats to Intent

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    Congratulations to Intent! Also that pet tracking thing is awesome, now we won't have to look on websites and write names of pets we have down so we don't miss any.

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    Grats you guys! Also, LOVING the new website feature.

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    Ha, did the person over at warcraftpets beat a dev in pvp? Not content to just nerf the shit out of their class anymore, they will make their website irrelevant! Definitely a better use of their time to duplicate something that existed already than to say, unify achievements across accounts or fix bugs.

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    I don't mean to be too dim...but the guild achieve points thing, how do you get the achievement for 2000 points at 2000, which is worth 10, but then only have 2005? o.O

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    ...That's a very good question, janin.

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    Wow, that's really impressive. Gratz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by janin View Post
    I don't mean to be too dim...but the guild achieve points thing, how do you get the achievement for 2000 points at 2000, which is worth 10, but then only have 2005? o.O

    Likely glitched, considering that they are the only ones in the world with it.

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    WE'RE NUMBER 1 WE'RE NUMBER 1 Nemex is a qt

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