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    "No no no no no no nonono, no no NO! noo no no no no"

    No problem with him.

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    I think the guy is a bit overexposed, and always plays the same 'neurotic kid'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VÎzio View Post

    fyi, if a movie sucked in your eyes, it's b/c you probably had some lofty unmarketable high expectations. Not saying you should see a movie with low expectations, but it's a just a movie, get real. It's for entertainment, if an actor didn't live up to your hype, it's not going to change anything in the end. Nothing wrong with criticing a movie, but I doubt you dislike a movie just b/c of one actor. There has to be multiple reasons imo.

    If you don't like him, then don't see movies with him in it lol.
    Quote Originally Posted by VÎzio View Post

    what language is that in cause it feels like someone Slap-Chopped a few right there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickybrighteyes View Post

    [/B]what language is that in cause it feels like someone Slap-Chopped a few right there.
    I guess its suppose to be haters in some weird unknown language.

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    I loved first Transformers, went to watch it twice. I hated the second one so much there was NO WAY I was going to watch the third.
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    I like him, he's not phenomenal or something but going from Even Stevens to Transformers, Disturbia, and Indiana Jones is pretty big for someone from the Disney Channel network. Seriously who from the Disney Channel network is gonna get where he is at now days.

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    He reminds me of Matthew McConaughey, by which I mean he always plays himself.

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    The only reason he could be hated is kingdom of the crystal skull.

    That movie was not his fault, it was simply a horribly horribly written movie.

    That sequel was so bad you question Harrison Ford, until you snap out of it and realize that the plot needs to be burned.

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    I don't think he sucks, I just think Transformers sucks. But that's not his fault. It's all Michael Bay's fault.


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    Had to wikipedia him.
    From his list of movies...
    Every single one but I Robot sucked. And i cant recall recognizing him in it.

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    I liked him in The Greatest Game Ever Played. I don't think he's so much a bad actor (though I would be hard pressed to call him anything above average), he's just picking god awful movies to act in. Like said above, it wasn't him that ruined Crystal Skull, it was that god awful ending (and a certain Tarzan scene).

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    Couldnt find a worse actor to bash on?
    Not every actor in hollywood is awesome, especially in his years. I probably couldnt name more than 5 actors who are younger than 30 and are very good actors.

    Also, i never had any problems with his acting in any movie, he was probably the best choice for Disturbia imo.

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    I thought he was great in Transformers... not so much the 2nd...

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    He was ok in Disturbia but that´s about it.
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    Your subject heading doesn't follow the topic.

    I can't stand him, but that doesn't mean the movies themselves suck. One doesn't necessarily follow the other.

    I hate Keanu Reeves but the first Matrix was still enjoyable. I hate Tom Cruise but Collateral was still an excellent film. I could go on...
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    Fact of the matter is this: I'm not so sure it's him that ruins his movies... he doesn't seem so bad, but he picks just awful movies to be in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exera View Post
    I can name you about 50 good movies the past decade, out of those 50 I can name you 10 classics that will forever be classics.
    feel free to start naming them off.

    i think shai labeouf sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarmifias View Post
    Yes i know the director plays a huge role in how a movie plays out but so do the producers. I think before every movie michael bay starts to shoot, he gathers all his workers/cameramen/producers and says "Alright, alright dont worry guys ill actually make a good movie this time i promise". But Michael Bays never been good with promises i hear.
    Producers don't have anything to do with the film creatively, only finacially and technically. So in other words, yes, the producers were very successful as they made half a billion dollars in less than 2 weeks worldwide. The acting, style, rythmn, story all comes down to the director's choice.

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    Hes a very likable actor, with some charisma, in my opinion, the only problem is that he always acts the same character in all hes films.
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