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    If every subject in school was replaced with game related subjects

    What do you think your grades would be, i personally have high grades but i find nothing interesting in school. If it was replaced with subjects related to gaming, i wonder if school would be fun or if it would turn the things i love most into a chore.
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    Depends what it would be. I doubt my grades would be any different, would feel just like school if I had to do it anyway.

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    well, as long as NCLB remains, i'm guessing that it'd be hello kitty island adventure all day long.

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    B+ in Zerg Rush 101
    A- in Head Shots 102
    B in Applied Tech Trees
    C+ in RTS Resource Management
    A in Minmaxing (You either get an A or an F)
    B+ in Melee Weapons in FPS
    B+ in Intro to FPS
    B+ in Intro to RTS
    A+ in Intro to RPG
    C- in Intro to JRPG
    C+ in Grinding
    A- in Applied Hygiene

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