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    [Music] Seasick Steve

    How ridiculously good is this guy? This guy probably has THE best sound I first heard this year. It's just .. wow.

    So do you guys like Steve?!

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    I saw him on top gear for the first time, and I liked him a lot. Seems like a nice guy.
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    Seems like a guy who actually has a lot of stories to share (honest stories). That combined with his blues-ish sound makes it so powerful.

    Got 2 CD's now and damn I love them.

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    Never heard of him prior to this thread. Thanks OP.

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    Pretty good. Reminds me a bit of the incredible Tom Waits.

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    I don't go searching his music out, but if it's on the radio or television I can definitely sit there, listen and enjoy it. The man is a class act.

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