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    (BIO) Vindicator Exodion

    Name: Exodion
    Age: Unknown
    Race: Draenei
    Gender: male
    Class: Paladin/Warrior

    Personality: Lawful Good. Being a paladin, he praises all that is good in the world and fights against all that is evil - especially undead and the Burning legion. Exodion always lends a helping hand to the needy, going as far as undertaking dangerous tasks without expecting payment, feeling that doing a good deed is enough of a reward . He is also an experienced blacksmith, having crafted numerous weapons and sets of armour for those who couldn't afford or even for other fellow paladins.

    Exodion is a strong believer of the Light and always prays for his enemy's soul, even when others would curse it. He is somewhat of a martyr: he would give his life if it meant he could save something or someone he loves.

    Appearance: Exodion is a massive, muscular draenei. He has long black hair and no facial hair, having 4 tentacles, each adorned with 3 golden rings.

    He forged many sets of armour, but the one he relies most on is a giant silver plate "shell" incrusted with gold and purple diamonds and symbols.

    From the large range of weapons he owns, his favourites are his two "lightborn" greatswords encrusted with the symbol of the alliance and his Longsword and Aegis. He carries his prayer book with him when he goes into battle.

    Likes: Good, honest people, history books, crafting weapons and armour, wine.

    Dislikes: demons, undead, horde-which he sees as barbaric and despises them for accepting the forsaken.

    Strengths: Trained in the use of most weapons, gifted user of the Holy Light, trained to fight against the undead and demons.

    Weakness: Untrained for ranged combat, armour makes him slow and therefore vulnerable at range. He is somewhat of a martyr: he would give his life if it meant he could save something or someone he loves.

    Story:The Fall of Shattrath

    Exodion was born on Draenor, thousands of years after the arrival of Prophet Velen and his followers. His father, a true master of almost any weapon that the draenei created taught him how to wield a sword with elegance and how to swing a battle hammer.

    His mother, a priestess taught him the ways of the light.

    When the young draenei was to learn the ways of the paladins, his instructors were amazed at how much the boy already knew. He quickly rose in the ranks of the followers of the light and became a Vindicator.

    Years later, he married a priestess, Taluuna with whom he had 2 children.


    The skies were filled with battle screams and the horizon was red, as if the suns of Draenor were drenched in the blood of the fallen.

    "HOLD THE GATE!" Exodion heard one of his fellow paladin yell, but the gate was knocked down by the orcs war machines.

    Exodion himself was locked in combat against 3 orcs, one of whose shoulder he crushed with a swing of his hammer. Incredibly, the orc was still trying to slash at him with his other arm.

    As the 2 healthy orcs attacked him from the front and the back at the same time, Exodion conducted the light into his hammer. He then proceeded to do a lightning-fast spin, swinging his hammer, creating a wave of light resembling a whirlwind: one orc lay dead with his skull smashed while the other was knocked out. The third attempted to slash his neck, and although exodion was incredibly exhausted from the move he executed earlier, he parried the rusty blade with his massive plate glove and swung his hammer into the orc's head, killing him.

    Still, there was nothing he could do. He could feel his brethren falling one by one, the holy light inside them leaving their bodies as they were defeated.

    He knew they had to buy the women and children time to escape, and by now they should have left already.

    With a terrible pain in his heart, he ran for the elevator leading to the tunnels that would take them high above the hills of Nagrand. He would soon see his family and hoped they were alive.

    He began running to the other side of the city, through the Terrace of Light where the draenei attempted to make their final stand. Hearing the thousands of orcs behind him, he shouted " Everyone, fall back! The Prophet left us clear instructions to evacuate the city once the young and their mothers are safe!"

    The few remainign draenei began running for the elevator that would give them salvation. Along the way, Exodion could feel more of his brethren fighting on the walls of the ancient city: Garthos, Aveerun, Nobundo... he felt deep sorrow for their deaths and wished he could've died alongside them. But a dangerous road was still ahead: the draenei had to escape their soon-to-be destroyed homeworld.

    They ascended to the terrace using the elevator and shut it down: that way, the orcs would be slowed. In their fury, they might even fight themselves.

    As he entered the dark tunnel leading to Nagrand, Exodion caught a last glimpse of the now ruined capital of the draenei.


    The Prophet saved his nation again. The draenei hid in a blue-coloured marsh for some time, which was called Zangarmarsh, but in the end they managed to wrestle a wing of the Tempest Keep out of the blood elves' control.


    As Exodion disarmed his blood elf oponent, he realised the battle was won. The ship was theirs.


    The draenei quickly started the ship, wanting to leave the world. They soon discovered the engine of the ship was sabotaged by the elves, and then with a crash resembling a thousand thunderstorms they found themselves on ground level in an unfamiliar world...Azeroth.

    The casualties were great, but if the draenei had one quality in which they exceled, they were enduring. They recovered and joined the Alliance.

    Years later, Exodion would return to the know broken Draenor, called Outland, to see Shattrath "resurrected" by the Sha'tar .

    He finaly avenged his fallen brethren by fighting the evil in Outland, and helped in the defeat of Illidan and his supporters. With Outland cleansed of its tyran self-proclaimed "Lord", A'dal was left to watch over the shattered world.

    Exodion and his family built a house in the hills towering above Nagrand. He lived with them for a few years, and when his sons were strong enough to take care of themselves, he kissed them all goodbye and returned to Azeroth, hopeing to cleanse it of evil aswell and to aid the Alliance.

    Through the light, he often communicates with his family, but although he misses them, he feels comforted, as he does what he strives for: tries to bring happiness to the sorrowful , justice to the unjust and light in the dark places.

    2. The Sha-Tar(lightborn) blades. ((This takes place somewhere between the Draenei arrival on Azeroth and the resurrection of Shattrath ))

    It was a dark, cold night in the Plaguelands.

    Exodion was slowly walking down the road, leading from Chillwind Camp to Sorrow Hill. He heard great stories of the what seemed like the greatest human paladin, Uther the Lightbringer, and wanted to pay homage to him at his tomb.

    As he entered the cemetery, he could feel it was a place of great evil. He could hear the desperate cries for release of the anguished souls .

    As he walked deeper into the cemetery, he saw a short, hooded silhouette. He could feel deep sadness inside her. He approached, cautiously, his right hand on his Naaru Hammer and his left hand on his prayer book.

    "Greetings.. can I assist you in any way?"

    "They...they r-raised my family...as undead" said the woman through heavy sobs. " Can you bring them peace?"

    "This place is tainted by more than mere reanimated corpses...I feel a strong pressence here" " I do not have the necessary knowledge, but I will ask for help. We will bring peace to the ones that fell here. Come back to the camp with me..you'll be safe there.."

    So long for his trip to the shrine: it had to wait, for there were innocents suffering. When he reached the camp, he immediately sent a a gryphon rider with a letter to the Light's Hope Chapel, the base of the Argent Dawn. A few days later, he marched alongside fellow paladins and priests into the cemetery. They began an exorcising ritual: Dozens of undead began swarming around them, until they attacked at their full might.

    They were, however, no match for the Light-wielding heroes: they dispatched the ghouls, ghosts and zombies until only a few remained: A tall, blood-soaked plate wearing Deathknight who was surrounded by 2 small ghouls and a tall Skeleton warrior.

    Exodion stepped forward, his hammer at the ready:" I guess you are the one responsible for the corruption in this place. I sense a great darkness in you, and I will fight you for the freedom of the souls trapped on this cursed ground ".

    The Death Knight responded with a blood curling, evil voice:" You will find only death here, paladin. Continue your journey and I will leave you alive. But the Argent Dawn agents will be rised as powerful minions of the Scourge".


    " So be it, draenei. "

    The Death Knight created a circle of runes between them. When an Argent Dawn agent tried entering, he was pushed outside by an invisible force.

    " Do not try to interfere. "

    Exodion's eyes gleamed yellow from their usual blue as he let the Holy Light flow through his body.

    The Death Knight sent his 3 puppets to attack the paladin.

    Focusing on quickly dispatching the 3 undead, Exodion left his left flank opened, where the Death Knight struck, almost slashing his plate with the runeblade he wielded.

    " Impressive. That armor saved your life "

    " I crafted it myself" Exodion grinned.

    The Death Knight attacked again and again, but each of his strikes was parried by the draenei . For the moment, they were equals. Then, to his horror, Exodion watched the same woman he escorted out of the graveyard walking in a zombie-fashion to the Death Knight.

    " I possessed her. It was meant to trap a few unfortunate souls... I wouldn't have needed her in actual combat..but you seem like an equaly-powerful oponent."

    The Death Knight lifted her in the air with his left hand, strangling her.

    Exodion, although knowing it was a trap, rushed to help the lady: He struck the Death Knight's pointed left hand with the hammer, but could only parry the now-flying Runeblade's assault with the hammer's head as he heard a terrible sound: The crystal head of the hammer shattered into a dozen fragments, but the woman was free.
    Gently putting the unscoucious lady out of the rune-circle, Exodion pulled out his longsword, deeply saddened by the loss of his hammer which he received as gift for becoming a paladin.

    " You are a formidable foe, but the Light never abandons Its champion." " May you find peace".
    Praying to the heavens, the draenei's eyes gleamed yellow once again. In the eyes of the Death Knight, he was as bright as the sun. Imbued by the limitless powers of the Naaru and knowing that no energy could penetrate the rune-circle, he unleashed a wave of light guiding it with his sword, and then another and another. Blasts of purifying fire then emerged from his sword, scorching the Death Knight and the ground inside the circle.

    The evil dominance of the area lifted, the souls found their peace: only the Death Knight's ashes, sword and armor lay proof inside a huge crater ( http://www.geojeff.org/course-materi...rater_1929.jpg )that once agents of the Scourge inhabited the area.

    Congratulated by his fellows and accepting the now-eternal thankful lady's blessings, Exodion left them behind as he approached the Tomb of Uther the Lightbringer.

    The sight of it filled his hearth with joy: the statue of Uther, lit by a golden ray of light.

    He knelt and left a bouqet of flowers at the base of the statue.

    As he admired the image, a heart-warming voice spoke to him:You have done well today, child. The light does not abandon its champions: melt the Death Knight's Armor and sword and forge two swords out of them: one will be as swift and silent as a whisper: it will move faster than the eye can tell. The other will be as strong as your faith: it will move mountains when used with fervor. Now, set camp here, pilgrim, for this place is blessed by the light.

    Exodion was in awe and couldn't believe his senses: he went back and luckily found the Argent Dawn agents and the woman in the same spot he left them at. He asked them to keep him company that night. They all slept under the starlit sky and dreamt about the Light and Uther.

    The following morning, Exodion took the armor and sword of the Death Knight and flew to Stormwind. From there, he went to his westfall shack just off the coast.

    As usual, his mailbox was filled with letters asking for various steelcraft.

    Still, he couldn't wait to try: he began melting the now-gleaming sword and armor: an enourmous quantity of liquid metal poured, and he used them to shape two greatswords. Amazed by the easiness with which he shaped them, he left them to cool off and slept. In the morning, the blades were flashing as bright as the sun, so he named them the Sha'Tar blades. He adorned them with the lion symbol of Stormwind as solid proof that he values the Alliance and sees it as his new family .

    With the extra metal and the crystals scavenged from his hammer he created a beautiful shield in draenic fashion, which to this day was never penetrated by a spell or weapon

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