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    addon to show trinket procs

    is this power auras? like i want to be able to see it in the middle of my screen so i dont have to look up at buffs

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    You could set Power Auras to do it. I use it for the PvP trinkets on my rogue. Give me a few mins and I'll find the settings I have.

    Here you go, just set Power Auras to monitor for a buff, and then put the name of the trinket proc where it says "???". Simple.
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    Classtimer does it.
    Add a custom timer with the name of the buff that your trinket procs,
    drag the sample bars to the middle of your screen/somewhere noticeable (mine's above my castbar)
    and bam, job done.

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    I use power auras for it.

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    Quartz with the proc mod can show this and many other things

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    MSBT can do this ( miks scrolling battle text )

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    You can also use Tellmewhen (it's spelled exactly like this) to do it. It shows up like the icon of the trinket proc and u can make it as big or small as u want and make it appear on the screen wherever u want. (This addon is also great for tracking talent/spell procs cooldowns, and can be used as a dot timer)

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    I use Satrina's buff frame for all buff/debuff tracking. It's the most customizable buff addon available, try it out.

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