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    Shadowpriest reforging around 2140 haste plateau, can't reach 2589 yet?


    I have about 2400 haste right now and i dont have any di to boost me higher. Im wondering if it would be better to reforge excess haste to mastery. to stay near the lower haste plateau.

    it seems dps can be lost if your just below a haste plateau , at this moment i won't reach it, do u think reforging would be better for dps increase till i can reach the next plateau

    i know haste is still a good stat, but many theory dudes have calculated that u loose dps if your just below it. so now im not sure to just stick with extra haste or getting some extra mastery.

    i dont have any heroic gear, so for most people this wont be a problem since im sure u guys will be over the next haste plateau.

    Would u recommand taking 50 haste on hands instead of 65 mastery to cap the last haste when im near the plateau . Since i will prob need about 4 pieces of new gear before i get there, so might take 50 haste on hands although i got 65 mastery now


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    I haven't been able to find anything to give me a definitive answer about this haste plateau and when mastery would become better (it needs to be tested with the correct ilvls to determine if it's better or not), however it would happen at 2140 with Dark Intent or 2589 without it, so definitely keep going for haste.

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    Just stick to the stat weights and reforging policies. The haste points are a nice goal to reach, not a stopping point. Unless it causes you to reach an important haste point, 65 master to gloves is better.

    More on this topic: http://www.shadowpriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=31922

    Read that thread if you have more interest.
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    I'm JUST under the haste plateau. I have 2507 Haste atm. what should i do with this gear? reforge mastery and reduce haste or gem haste in some slots to reach the plateau??


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    Barring you get a new Neck (Staghelm) or Weapon with Haste on it, it's not worth it to gem for 80+ Haste. Also, remember 2141 Haste only applies if you get DI.

    Personally, I wouldn't reforge out of Haste to Mastery.

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