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    Trinket help... confused about BIS lists.

    Yes, I know BiS lists are not the final answer... I just looked at it because it seemed kinda worthless to continue my firelands dailies if I'm not going to get anything worthwhile from them anyways. So I guess my question is, according to Mr. Robot's BiS list... why is Vibrant Alchemist Stone rated so low? it has more static intel than any of the other normal mode intel trinkets, has mana regen via 40% more mana from pots and throughput in the form of haste. Tyrande's is rated 3rd along with some firelands trinkets, is it really that awesome, 4200 mana per minute? I have most of these trinkets and I've been running with Tsunami and Vibrant Alchemist Stone for now, but these lists are making me wonder if I'm doing things right.

    Should I run with Tsunami and Tyrande's until FL loot?

    How good/bad is Moonwell Chalice from FL dailies?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Links to the lists you mentioned would be greatly helpful. It's hard to compare when I don't know what's supposedly ranking higher/lower.

    Edit: Which spec are you referring this to?
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    Power Torrent, Volcano and Theralion proc'ed, dots just refreshed. Everyone dies. Just a tank and a boss with around 200k hp. Everyone in vt yells "omg we failed omg omg" and you "don't worry amigos, my dots are steamrolling!". Boss dies while you'd say "Enjoy your loots" with a lot of purple awesomness spilling thru your voice. Just happend yesterday.

    Seriously, i thought i'd reroll warlock for 4.2, but that was the sign that i'm purple inside and i can't reroll. never.

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    Oh yeah, sorry >_<


    Click on the triple dot next to my trinket and that gives you the BiS list.

    I'm asking for disc btw

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    Personally i'll be using Tsunami and Fall of Mortality over the faction trinkets. Then i'll swap FoM for the Alysrazor trinket when i get it.

    Edit: Unless, of course, the Moonwell Chalice really impresses me...
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    Askmr.robot is not really the best solution to source a BiS list from. It rates each item for a slot individually instead of taking into account what you actually have equipped or what your stats are. It's great for reforging/gemming etc and a quick reference but to get a complete BiS list you would be better off with a spread sheet like simcraft.

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    Pre-Firelands: Shard of Woe and Fall of Mortality / Fall of Mortality and Darkmoon Card: Tsunami
    Firelands BiS: Shard of Woe and Jaws of Defeat


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    Thanks for the replies, I'll run with FoM and Tsunami for now maybe I'll try Moonwell.

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    Moonwell looks promising. I'm interested in swapping either FoM or Core for testing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tihr View Post
    Pre-Firelands: Shard of Woe and Fall of Mortality / Fall of Mortality and Darkmoon Card: Tsunami
    Firelands BiS: Shard of Woe and Jaws of Defeat

    Jaws aren't very good for priests given the long ramp up time.

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    Isn't Flickering Cowl of the Wavecrest better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slutty View Post
    Oh yeah, sorry >_<

    Click on the triple dot next to my trinket and that gives you the BiS list.

    I'm asking for disc btw
    Askmrrobot.com already does BiS lists.
    When you click the 3dots, it compares the single item against the others for that slot. Because it deals with caps and plateaus, that item may bring you just over, or under those thresholds. You need to look at your gearset as a single entity. There is tabs to see the BiS lists, for different raid levels. Hope this helps.

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    Your only other option other than Jaws is an old Fall of Mortality Heroic. Jaws provides 'decent' regen, while giving you a boost in throughput over Fall. Blazing Eye of Power isn't worth the trinket slot, and Shard of Woe is a given.

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    As Disc, Tyrandes Doll is great, and better than Tsunami/Fall.
    Tyrande offers 350mp5 when used on CD, which nither of the others can achieve. (FoM heroic will be better though obviosly...)
    Alchemists Stone is a bit meh.
    it does provide 30 int more than the other 359 ilvl trinkets, but the 200 haste are low compared to others. look at Tsunami, that gives you a 400 spirit which are nearly as good as a passiv stat. and 400 spirit >>>> 200 haste.
    I guess it only has such little passiv stats, because the Potion bonus counts towards the itembudget.
    That bonus isn't that bad actually. When you manage to use a Conc pot (which is possible when you inform your fellow healers and use it in a relax phase) the alchy stone bonus will provide nearly 9k bonus mana. which i find quite sexy. but calculated down on the whole fight, it results in 100-150mp5 (obviosly depending on fight length)

    so until FL loot, youre okey running with Tyrande/Tsunami. Or even Alchemists Stone, when you use pots. Youre raid wont wipe just because of that decision ;-)

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    How is dmc:volcano now ranked relative to others ? Anywhere math about how much mana it gives when popping archangel with volcano proc?

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    Mr. Robot has put together a list of all the trinket estimates he uses when comparing gear, which might also be useful/interesting to you:

    The stat weights you choose will of course affect the ranking of trinkets, but that link will give you a very accurate idea of what each item's proc is actually worth.
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    with 19 mastery DA was my No1 heal on majordomo this reset, reforging all spirit to crit/mastery (depending on the original stat of the item)

    really gonna look forwar to trying the chalice for that fight (PI + trinket)

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    Now I have new problems. Some priests say they're going to be using Quintessence, which I got last night, but I really don't see the magic :/ I think it falls even under Tsunami, haven't done the math but it is less static spirit and less static rapture gains since you'd only get them when you pop it. The other problem is... it's an on-use trinket, so it conflicts with my Chalice already and I don't know if I can manage both at the same time. These are the trinkets I have:

    Tsunami http://www.wowhead.com/item=62050
    Quintessence http://www.wowhead.com/item=69000
    Normal Fall http://www.wowhead.com/item=59500
    Chalice http://www.wowhead.com/item=70142

    Currently I run with Chalice and Tsunami for my mastery set for aoe fights (All but Baleroc and Rag) which gives me for example, 30-40% of my heals from DA at Majordomo; and Tsunami and Quintessence for tank heal/mana regen fights (with my haste set). I have both Chalice and Quintessence macroed to Power Infusion for now, which is why if I want Quintessence in my mastery set I'd have to pop them separately... but overall, I think the static intel and spirit from Tsunami are less of a hassle and provide bigger benefits than Quintessence, and I could replace Quintessence with Fall on my haste set.

    So my question now is, which pair should I use for each set? I don't want to get rid of Chalice.

    And also, both Jaws and eye dropped today. I understand why Jaws can be terrible, but why is Eye terrible as well? Our pally got it and it was 6% of his heals, so that's 6% passive healing boost and BRUTAL intellect gain.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I use Quintessence only on fights which have downtime -> lots of healing -> downtime (Rhyo, Beth, Staghelm), using it as another CD, making use of AA -> PI -> Trinket means you can have a "cooldown" for pretty much every big incoming damage, which is what matters most.

    You can swap it out in both of your sets if you feel you can lose the passive int and regen bonus.

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    You can swap it out in both of your sets if you feel you can lose the passive int and regen bonus.
    I'm gonna try that and see how it goes. I also changed some reforges around: didn't reforge out of spirit on my previous gear, but removed the reforges into spirit and reforged the trinkets (I bought 1 for each set :P) into mastery and haste... got some nice throughput stats, think I gained like 4% absorbs on my mastery set. I'll just need to manage my mana better and see how it goes from there.

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