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  • Both!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timun View Post

    Not trying to start a flame war, but I didn't see this question posted here. The time is nigh!
    You're asking for it.
    but anyway, LoL.

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    Don't like neither of them, DotA forever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbrig120 View Post
    They both have horrible elitist communities. When it comes down to it, LoL caters to casuals with its free charge and game mechanics, while HoN caters to more competitive gameplay. I personally find HoN much more fun to play because of the graphics and animations. LoL will always win polls like this because it has lots of more people playing
    I barely see any elitests on LoL, but anyway, I've never heard of any HoN major competitions yet LoL has loads? so it can cater to the competitive gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shakatoss View Post
    haha LoL fanboys uber alles. Filled with people that isnt familiar with "teamplay" and once on a killstreak based on luck theyre going to go emo mode and only think of their K/D. Explained it, im sorry!

    Also, i dont know about the community since i dont play it that much, but. Its free so ofc most people play it.
    Terrible HoN community, Exhibit A

    This is why I play LoL :P Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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    HoN's gameplay, graphics, balance is much better than LoL's, but HoN community doesnt accept newbies and is just harder to master. Thats why LoL will always win these polls. People who see past the community and see the fun in high level games instead of casual games, will always vote for HoN.

    Oh and LoL is free.. of course its gonna win the poll.

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    After playing both, it's just a matter of taste. If you can handle the large learning curve of HoN, you'll probably like it more than LoL. The graphics in HoN are amazing; I wish LoL had something similar. That being said, I love LoL for some sort of uniqueness, and it's just fun to play with friends (a lot easier to play a free game then attempting them to buy one).

    Voted both, for reasons above.
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    @ kalyyn: thats what you get when theres laddering with stat tracking, if you played DotA when dotapub bots ran it started to turn into a cliquey mess(and other bothosts probably were the same).
    personaly i liked hon better when i played it, but thats cause i played dota competativly at one point and cause competition is one of the reasons i enjoy gaming. LoL felt a lil squishy to me and i didnt like not being able to deny creep, plus corporate mundo(skin) costs way to many points. :L
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    LoL Community > HoN Community.
    Buuut..HoN is the better game of the two. Also, all my friends play it after trying the trial..
    So yeah..HoN > LoL. IMO.
    But i play both since LoL is F2P.

    Also i bet that most of the ones that vote hasn't tried both games.
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    I voted LoL.

    But you guys saying the LoL community is

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    lol players say hon sucks
    hon players say lol sucks
    they are both right
    dota is KING!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocap View Post
    Bullet for my valentine made me cut myself, so I stopped listening.
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    Heroes of Newerth for me.

    It plays a lot better. Faster gameplay which in turn means more action.
    Not every hero scales till oblivion. I really hate the fact that every hero scales, because there are not enough creeps to get farmed up. Creeps also give less gold and ganking also happens less in LoL. Meaning support will be really crappy if you do get dominated :<

    Juking is something I adore in HoN sadly it cannot be done in LoL. The static forest which cannot be altered in any way shape or form makes it really lame!

    But I can't say LoL is a bad game, it's nice and if I really want to relax I play LoL, less likely to see a flamer there. (they are in both games however)

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    Out of the two I personally prefer LoL, though to be honest I am not a huge fan of either. I'll play a few games of LoL if my friends are on, but never alone and not every time my friends get on. Just not my game
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    If you wish to try HoN but don't like those random spammers being rewarded, here is the link to get an account without referral link.

    Get it now for 10 dollar!

    Be sure to tick off the "20 dollar coins" purchase. Because if you don't the game will cost 30 dollar.
    The goblin coins are purely cosmetic (unlike LoL) so you can buy sounds/skins/avatars/taunts.

    A piece of advice, try to join public games with the following modes:
    -No stats
    -All pick

    There you can practice I avoid going straight away into matchmaking because people will be more likely to flame you when you are a newbie.

    Here is a picture of how you get into public games!
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    Dislike both, DOTA ruined Warcraft 3 custom map community.

    Aion of Strife from starcraft was better.

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    The goblin coins are purely cosmetic (unlike LoL)
    Clueless person is clueless.

    Please tell me what Edge purchasing Riot points give you. No please, I'll wait.

    People are really saying HoN for competitive play?

    How was HoN's Dreamhack?

    Compare to LoLs. If HoN is more competitive, then why was the Season 1 prize for LoL $50,000 - with $100,000 shared between the top 6 teams.

    HoN's gameplay, graphics, balance is much better than LoL's
    Hahahahahahahahahahaha *breathe* hahahahahahahahahaha. HoN logic: "Release OP champ, don't patch it, instead, release more OP champ so people forget about previous"

    Care to name one LoL champion that's currently OP?

    Within the last month, League of legends has been picked up by MLG and ESL because of the Season One results of 200,000 + viewers on stream. Being picked up by MLG means that League of legends will be featured at all of the LAN events hosted by MLG; Dallas, Columbus, Anaheim, Raleign, Orlando, and Providence - in total 6. On the other hand ESL's IEM picked up LoL, which in total means 4 IEM events annually. That is not all, Riot will also be hosting these tournaments annually as well ; PAX WEST, PAX EAST, seasonal tournaments and don't forget to include WCG nationals and WCG world championships. LoL is expected to have at least 15 LAN events this year
    I'll just leave that there.

    HoN is a dying game. You can try hard all you want saying its better because you can deny...Fantastic, you can deny. HoN peaked at the end of closed Beta, and has gone downhill since. Give it another year, and it will be "What's HoN?"

    Blindly claim that I'm wrong. How many coins did you all get recently for no apparent reason? 2000 was it? I don't remember off the top of my head. That's not a desperate act to keep people playing? How about dropping the price "for a limited time only!"

    /flameproof vest on.

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    HoN > LoL

    Come play with me please
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    Quote Originally Posted by imbad85 View Post
    HoN > LoL

    Come play with me please

    *link removed*

    You have to uncheck the $20 coin package at the bottom to get an account for $10. Send me a PM if you want to play!
    Enjoy ban for referral link. Bye bye

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    don't see what's wrong with a ref link. cry babies. I want people to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imbad85 View Post
    don't see what's wrong with a ref link. cry babies. I want people to play.
    Read the forum rules. Try again.

    Referral Links are Not Allowed
    Referral links are not permitted on MMO-Champion. They never have been. They will gain you a ban. If we're in a particularly bad mood, it will be a permanent ban. This is your warning.

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