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  • Kobe Bryant

    63 69.23%
  • LeBron James

    28 30.77%
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    whoever gets the ball first would win.. i can see both guys winning X - 0 (winner gets ball in 1v1) seeing as both can drop the mid-range jumper at will

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    Quote Originally Posted by iceberg265 View Post
    LeBron arguably has more natural talent than Kobe, but as we all know and was demonstrated by this year's NBA finals, talent isn't everything. Michael Jordan didn't even make his high school basketball team and he went on to be the most dominating athlete in basketball history.

    tldr; Kobe would kick the shit out of LeBron because Kobe is a winner and LeBron is a whiner.
    I'm an MJ fan but to say he was the most dominating in NBA history is false. That title would have to be given to Wilt Chamberlain

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    lebron can play defense
    kobe cant


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    I don't know anything about Basketball but whoever was charged of rape is probably the one who will win just because well... because it's a joke and don't yell at me I was kidding.

    I didn't bring anything to this really but this is as much as I know.

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    At first glance, I was thinking Lebron because of his size and strength, with Kobe having the better raw skills. After thinking about it, I actually think Kobe would win because of the intangibles. When the preasure is on, Kobe has ice water in his veins, and "the moment" is never bigger than him. Not since I watched Michael Jordan have I seen a player that can rise to the occasion like Kobe. They are both cutthroat and will stab you in the heart when the game is on the line. So I guess I'm picking Kobe as much as it pains me as a San Antonio fan.

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    LeChoke is all muscle, no finesse. He wouldn't last against Kobe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMechatronGamer View Post
    lol inb4 Frost Mages
    In this scenario, Kobe would the level 85 frost mage and LeBron a level 15 warrior.

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    no competition, kobe fa sho

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    Kobe Hands Down....He will go down as the greatest in history unless someone better comes Along. No MJ isn't better then kobe either.

    Made by dubbelbasse

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    Lebron. Kobe has a bad knee, a bad finger, and is 32 years old. At this point Lebron is the best player in basketball simply because of his amazing physical gifts (Which he regularly squanders due to lack of mental toughness and leadership).

    Now Kobe in his prime would destroy Lebron simply because Lebron is a shit defender compared to Kobe and has no mid range jumper (Kobe has a killer mid range game AND a fade away Lebron will most likely never have)

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    Lebron would win. That doesn't mean he's a better basketball player though.

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    kobe > all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linzo View Post
    game is not balanced around 1v1
    You sir, made my day.

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    If you're talking Kobe now, Lebron would win hands down. If you're talking Kobe in his prime, Kobe runs away with it.

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    Michael jordan without breaking a sweat

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    Insomniacs everywhere.

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    So this is like Michael Jordan vs. Magic Johnson 2.0?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kushlol View Post
    Kobe Hands Down....He will go down as the greatest in history unless someone better comes Along. No MJ isn't better then kobe either.
    This has to reek of troll, a Kobe homer, or someone who simply didn't grow up watching MJ during the 90s.

    Kobe's damn good... arguably top 10 or 15 player of all time, but to say he's better than MJ is unbelieveably ignorant.

    As for this thread; LeBron.

    Even with his subpar post game, his speed, strength, athleticism and youth will allow him to win out in a face up match. That said, the game isn't based on one on ones.

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    A thing people forget is just how much bigger then Kobe, Lebron actually is. Kobe is 6'6" and 205 pounds, Lebron is 6'8" and 245 pounds, Lebron is a much bigger player who in a 1v1 game would just push the smaller Kobe around. Hes honestly a faster version of Karl Malone or Lighter Charles Barkley then a Kobe or Jordan type player...of course, hes never played with his strength or size the way he should, mostly because he seems afraid of contact in a way that none of the greats are.

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    Shaq, he'd eat them

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    If Kobe and Prince James were playing 1v1 at the same age, say 24-25 years old, Kobe wins hands down. Better jumper, better defender. If it were today, this very instant, probably Prince James.

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