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  • Kobe Bryant

    63 69.23%
  • LeBron James

    28 30.77%
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    Kobe, he would just show LeBron his rings, and laugh.

    Really though, Kobe imo, he doesn't choke, he also has a decent mid-range shot.
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    Kobe in his Prime, hands down would win 1v1.

    Kobe NOW vs Lebron NOW? I think lebron would win 1v1 only because of his SIZE, not his skill, or talent.

    Lebron's size gives him a huge advantage in a 1v1 scenario.

    Kobe is the better player, and in my opinion, still has the opporunity to overshadow MJ as the best ever.

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    Jordan.. Kobe and James aren't that good.. Better then me, but not by much.

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    Kobe for sure.
    If u are talking about football, LeBron James will win with no doubt.

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    game is not balanced around 1v1
    ROFLMAO this seriously made my day.
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