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    Disc Priest stat priority?

    So I have been seeing a lot of people saying to stack mastery, some say stack haste, and some say to keep both equal. What would the best priority be for raiding in 10 mans?

    Right now I have the following stats:
    6740 Spell Power
    3.51% Haste
    11.12 Crit
    2757 Combat Regen
    15.64 Mastery: 20% Absorption
    4900 Intellect
    3000 Spirit

    Should I put some crit and mastery into haste or add more mastery?

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    1. Get as much Intellect as you can through higher item level gear and gemming.
    2. Make sure every item has Spirit as a secondary stat.
    3. Keep a balance to your other secondary stats. None of them are outstanding, but they synergistically
    increase each other's values.

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    It depends on what you're doing, there's no be-all end-all for stat priorities.
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    In 10 man for Disc, haste is better the crit and mastery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apostolic View Post
    In 10 man for Disc, haste is better the crit and mastery.
    That's a rather bold sweeping statement that lacks some parameters :P

    In 10 man for Disc, haste is better than crit and mastery for... Being mana efficient, bubblebotting? (not saying one is better than any other)

    It really depends on what you're trying to achieve as well as the other healers you're raiding with and the gear you're using (you're going to need more mana to support haste stacking than mastery stacking for example)
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    Most people for the current content are making sure; Intellect as a main stat over all (make sure to gem for it and meet socket bonuses - int/mastery, int/spirit, all those help). Then you're going to focus on one secondary stat, or balance out two, and neglect one. Currently I'm going for Mastery and Crit but it's up to your personal preference and gameplay style.

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    From the stats you posted you have a lot of spirit. If you keep track of rapture you shouldn't need more then about 2250 spirit. As for the other stats it mostly depends on what you will be doing in your 10 man. If you are raid healing then you can forget about crit and go into haste(10%+) mastery. If you are tank healing go crit(15% self buffed), mastery around 13 the rest into haste.

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    first of all im no discoexpert but here's what i've been doing and i like it and my healing seems to be fine compared to other discos i've played with wich i know is decent
    Reforging everyhting to haste
    Gem for Int or int/haste for yellow sockets int/spirit for blue
    7265 spellpower
    12,2% haste
    12,1% crit
    10,4 mastery
    2525 spirit/2584 combatregen
    Been healing most with a decent holypally and a notso decent restodruid so it been mostly raidhealing and i feel like i've succeded with it with this setup.
    Have tried mastrey stacking for tankhealing/bigshields but as i've mostly been on raidhealingduty i felt that that was a bit to slow and awkward for the task

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    I´m currently at 3/7 Heroic and i find myself going oom pretty quickly on some fights.

    This is why i still think, int+spirit > all.
    Then, mastery > haste. Haste will allow more hps than mastery, but at the cost of more mana. Mastery is just plain "your heals heal more"

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    Stat priority is HIGHLY dependent on three major factors.

    1.) What your healing core setup is.
    2.) What healing niche/role you're filling.
    3.) Your healing style and what your current gear setup can support.

    I can help you out a lot if you answer the first two.

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    Personally i'm going (based on feelings) Mastery to 33%, crit to 15%, rest haste. I started out keeping them all pretty much even when i first respeced to disc and then adjusted stats to fit my own playstyle.

    I'm attonement spec btw.


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