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    10m heroic FL from easiest to hardest (excluding Ragnaros)

    Shannox then what?


    looking for a list.

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    Shannox, rhyolith, alysrazor, beth'thilac, baleroc and yada yada

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    shannox, rhyolith, alysrazor, baleroc, majordomo, beth'tilac

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    Shannox > Majordomo > Rhyolith > Alysrazor > Baleroc > Beth'tilac.

    Beth'tilac is quite an insane boss if you are not extremely synchronized, also Majordomo is a joke, a simple tank and spank basically.

    This is atleast what I think after doing them all on HM.

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    From my exp on normal majordomo is a joke but it is a sort of gear check as the fight gets progressively harder the longer it goes. What kind of gear did your raid have when doing HM domo?

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    My guild didn't get a chance to do Beth'Tilac we got stuck bashing our phase in on Baleroc, I assume they fixed the corpse glitch? If they did (at least for 25 man) it's

    Shannox -> Rhyolith -> Majordomo -> Alysrazor -> Beth'Tilac -> Baleroc (Fuckin' need high as hell DPS, we had over 60 sub 5% wipes over the past 3 nights. Pissed us all the hell off. Closest Baleroc had 100k health, 100k! God damn it.)

    If they haven't fixed the corpse glitch

    Shannox -> Beth'Tilac -> Rhyolith -> Majordomo -> Alysrazor -> Baleroc

    From a 10 man standpoint, i can only help with the first couple. My 10 man guild went Shannox -> Rhyolith -> Alysrazor, we're stuck on Beth'Tilac right now.
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    Shannox heroic is almost easier as the non heroic version
    Rhyolith got nerfed to the ground and is a joke
    Baleroc can be a bitch to your healers but is pretty straightforward as dps
    Alysrazor doesn't look that hard either, just some "avoid this shit and that. Ohh and that+that+that. At the same time".
    Beth'tilac is kinda challenging.

    Haven't seen anything else, so I'd say: Shannox > Rhyolith > Alysrazor > (Majordomo ?) > Baleroc > Beth > (Ragnaros ?)
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    Based on my pick-up experience, I think that Ryolith is more harder than beth'tilac...
    For beth you have to AoE and know when go down.

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    Shannox> Beth'tilac>Rhyolith>Majordomo>alysrazor

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    shannox ---> lord ---> beth'tilac (if u manage dps correctly) / alysrazor (if u dont lack movement ;P) ---> Majordomus --> Baleroc

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