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    Is a 27" monitor too big for a Desktop?

    Hey guys,

    I currently own a 19" widescreen capped at 1650x1050. It's fine since my system is a little dated an cant push full HD but for my future system I was considering a 27" Full-HD screen (1080p).

    But I was wondering if a 27" screen might not be a bit too big for a Desktop computer. After all, I'll probably be sitting about 2 feet away from the screen at most (50-60 centimeters). In that case I could settle for a 24" screen which is still a significant upgrade coming from a 19".

    I know some will say "there is no such thing as "too big" " but considering it will be sitting on top of a desk, and I don't have any real options for sitting further away, it might prove to be a bad choice.

    Just curious as to what you guys think. Since 27" screens only cost about 25% more than 24" screens, I'd be willing to give it a try.

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    I personally think 27" is acceptable, I have a 24" right now and could see a 27" not crossing that line of "too big". I think 30" + would start crossing it though, unless you're far back from it.

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    It's really down to personal preference and room constraints. For me 27" is way too big so I stick with my 24".

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    I think most people see 24" as the sweet spot for desktop monitors 1080p hd of course. I use two of them and If I went any larger I would head more into the actual TV monitor area I think.
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    I'm using a 21" but I don't see anything wrong with a 27". That is getting a little large but like the 2nd commenter said, I think over 30" is where it's getting a little to excessive.

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    I have a 19" and sometimes when I'm feeling wild I plug my computer into my flatscreen.

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    Using a 27" now and the only thing I've proven over the years, upgrading from 15 -> 17 -> 19 -> 24 -> 27, your monitor is never "too big".
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    I have a 30".. I have to sit at least 3 feet away for it to even fit in my FoV. Unless you're getting something over 1080, I don't really see the point of going over 24"
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    If it were too big for a desktop, what would it be the right size for? :P

    No, 27" is not too big. I'd prefer a (read: three) 23-24" rather.
    However, I do think that 27" is too big for FullHD. Imo, you should try find resolutions in 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 (16:9 or 16:10 respectively).

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    27" seems fine. I use a 35" myself.. just a bit big..
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    I use a 40" tv myself. Granted it's on a tv stand and I sit in a beanbag chair around 8 feet away with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

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    I used a projector for a while. It covered the entire wall and playing games was epic, but the bulb is dim now from overuse and I don't feel like buying new bulbs over and over. So I have a 27 inch monitor to use now and it's nice.

    Maybe someday I will get another bulb.
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    Generally 27s I think are fine. I've suggested to friends to get 2 24s rather than 1 27, which in the past has been about the same cost.

    If you do go larger than 24, I would make sure the monitor and video card can handle something bigger than 1920 by 1080. I think that is near perfect for a 24inch display on a desk. I would want to go higher if I got a bigger monitor.

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    Should be about right.

    I use a 32", and i'm about 4 feet away in my usual playing position... Much closer or much bigger and it would be too much eye movement

    I think 27" at 3 feet is fine, but might be pushing it (depending on how accurate the 3-foot measurement is)

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    My preference is a 23", 24" is nice, but anything about 24" is a little too large in my opinion. Played on a 46" for a bit for the epic lulz, but it was overbearing. hurt me tunneling on things.

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    I currently have 42" Full HD TV, I got used to it in few days.
    It just has to be on the right height and at the right distance (around 1.5 meters for me).
    I watch a lot of Tv-series and movies and that is why I wanted a big one, a lot of people told me that it might be bad for FPS games because it would have some delay or lag, but there wasnt any
    A friend of mine plays a wide variety of games and he has 47" LED HDTV and he agrees with me that bigger > better XD
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    I currently run an Eyefinity setup of three 32-inch monitors, and i absolutely love it, would never go smaller again.

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    im using a 27" monitor myself. I got a 24" screen as well (2 screens ftw!) but i prefer my 27" one, but i wouldnt get it much bigger..

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    Anything bigger than 30" goes into the TV category imo, there's people that don't even have a TV thats 20"+ lol. I'm happy with my 27" I think it's 100% cool and I'd never go smaller nor bigger (at least not for a desktop) my TV is 40"(I think) and I cannot see myself playing on it lol

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    I have two 25 inch monitors side by side.

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