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    RealID raid groups?

    I appologize if this question has been posted before, I've been doing some random searching and I really can't find anything similar - so here goes!

    We currently have a service available for free, which allows us to invite our RealID friends (of the same faction) to a group across servers. I recently migrated to a new realm, so being able to grind Zandalari with some of my old friends has been quite awesome!

    Now I was wondering if anyone actually ever tried the ingame Raid Finder and could tell me whether or not it works similar to the Dungeon Finder? As in, if you're 10 people and you sign up to... lets say BWD, you'll get ported to the instance similar to being ported to an instance using the Dungeon Finder?
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    I'm not sure how to respond with you having a signature like that but...

    The raid browser doesn't work anything like the RDF and you also can't convert a group of people cross realms into a raid, so in other words: No.
    Hope this answers your question.

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    Unless they've changed it recently it just lets you say which raids you're looking for and leave a small comment. The raid leader still needs to manually invite you and you get there via flying or summon.

    Initially it didn't have cata raids in it.
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    can you summon the real id people to anywhere outside an instance? make a 2 man group with your friend + warlock +clicker

    convery group to raid and enter a raid

    attempt to summon realid guy in.

    if it works all it means is that YOU need to be the raid leader to get him in.

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