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    ICC10 help.

    Hey guys,

    I'm going to start trying to get the ICC10 achievement Frostwyrm. But, I need to make sure I know the tactics perfectly. I have Bane from WoTLK but never got the chance to finish the achievement. Can someone please explain to me the: Full house, Orb Whisperer, Once Bitten Twice Shy, Portal Jockey, All You Can Eat, Been Waiting a Long Time for This. I am not feeling confident on how to do these and I'd like to have some advice from better raiders than me.

    Thanks In Advance.

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    Probably would be easier for you to just type those achieves into than getting somebody to explain the tacs for 6 fights
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    Wowhead has plenty of tips, tactics, ... for these achievements. Just follow through from the meta:

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    Would have been best to look up each individual achievement on wowhead and look at the top rated comments, at least it is what I did for mine. However going at a few:

    Full house just requires the adds mentioned, so basically you cannot push her into her next phase until you have those adds out. You must keep them alive and just off tank/kite them, they cannot die though.
    Orb Whisperer requires not taking a certain amount of magic damage, just do the fight normally and you can achieve this.
    Once Bitten Twice Shy requires two runs, one run where you beat her after being bitten and a run where you aren't bitten. You cannot die though
    Portal jockey requires you to enter every portal that is spawned, so 3 people going in every time (same 3)
    All You Can Eat, at 85 you can just bloodlust and burn once she enters her last phase.

    Will let others go into been waiting a long time for this since there are a few ways ;o

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    Full House requiers you, as it says in the description to have atleast 5 different cultists alive during the encounter. This is easily achived with lvl85s as you can just let em spawn and leave em to it, be sure not to harm them cus they is easily killed by accident. Nuke the bss to hell and back, thats how we did it.

    the orb whisperer requiers the tank to get as many orbs as possible on him before the ranged prince "activates" so he wont take the full dmg from the spells. other than that, dont stand in stuff.

    Once bitten.. kill her as a vampire once. next resett, dont get bitten and voilà.

    the rest i cant answer for sure so. but hope some of this helped.

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    Full House - Let the needed adds spawn and offtank them without killing them
    Orb Whisperer - Do the mechanics of blood princes without fucking up. On normal, as long as the ranged add's tank has orbs and no kinetics drop then you win.
    Once/Twice - Requires 2 kills - one you get turned into a vamp, one you don't.
    Portal Jock - A player needs to enter every single portal on Val.
    AYCE - Blow hero in P3 with great dps and you win. In Wrath you needed perfectly timed tank swaps, it's a joke now.
    Been waiting - cleanse the necro plague an asston of times and it stacks a buff on LK.

    They're all ridiculously easy if you do the fights on normal mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgottenone View Post
    Once Bitten Twice Shy requires two runs, one run where you beat her after being bitten and a run where you aren't bitten. You cannot die though
    I was always the one being bitten due to dps gains, and I got the not bitten part of the achievement because I died early on....

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    Quote Originally Posted by EviForums View Post
    I was always the one being bitten due to dps gains, and I got the not bitten part of the achievement because I died early on....
    He might mean that you can't die on the run when you get bitten. I stumbled onto that achievement the same way you did back in the day, though.

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    Here are some brief descriptions. They may need a little more clarification.

    Full House: Just have 2 tanks gather up all the adds while dps bring her shield to around 30%. Wait for adds to transform. Kill duplicates. Get 5 different kinds of adds. Burn boss.

    Orb Whisperer: Have your tanks tank the bosses away from easy other (to help prevent a cluster f*ck). No AoE at all. Cant remember the name but the boss on the left needs to have the tank gather up the dark orbs. Also, if its not an actual tank (mage tank for example), dont dps that boss when its their turn. Have everyone spread when empowered shock vortex comes during middle boss. On right boss, who ever gets targeted with flame orb, run away from the boss.

    Once bitten twice shy: Have people that need to be bitten stand on one side of the room, and the people he cant be bitten stand on the other. If the fight lasts longer than 3 bites, it turns to a cluster f*ck.

    Portal Jockey: Every portal has to be filled by someone. One person doesnt have to enter a portal every time. Usually healers go in portals and dps are on stand-by if a healer wont be able to make it through.

    All you can eat: Simply a burn Sindy in the last phase which starts at 35% roughly. Thats when you should pop lust. (You can tell Im Horde cant you?)

    Been waiting a long time: All dps and heals stand together and away from LK and adds. 1 tank on LK, 1 tank round up the adds. Dispell the first and second plagues away from the raid and away from adds. Dispell 3rd plague in the adds. Dispell all other adds away from the raid and away from adds (Adds may die too quick if you dispell either of the first 2 plagues in adds). Wait until it stacks to 30. Kill LK like normal.

    Anyone else, please feel free to add anything to my brief descriptions.

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    as mentioned above:

    full house simply requires u let all the cultists spawned in p1 mutate into thier alternate forms and simply tank them off to 1 side, as for orb whisperer, it requires u to not only avoid dmg from the 3 bosses seperate abilities but also u cannot allow a kinetic orb (aka the falming beach ball bomb) to impact the ground, once bitten twice shay requires 2 weeks worth of runs, to get this achievement u must be a bite target of the boss and second week not get bitten (or vice versa), as for portal jockey, it requires every dream portal be taken when they are spawned, a very easy achievement to accomplish with 3 dedicated players on going through each portal, as for all u can eat, again do sindy on normal mode and simply pop all cooldowns/hero in p2 and burn her down as fast as is possible to avoid having to even worry about the stacks building up (note the actual tactic for this involved alot of tank swapping and ice tomb managment in p2 back at lvl 80), as for the first LK achievement, all it requires is for the necrotic plague to stack up on the ADDS 30 times before forcing the p1 transition phase, to do this successfully u need to dispel the plague once or twice on the adds themselves, then dispel the plague away from the adds, repeat this process until u have 30 stacks (this was a really fun and damn hard achievement to get back when it was progression content as the enrage timer was alot more unforgiving but now it is a non issue), also note, that the LK gains more stacks than what registers on teh mobs (e.g. u may have a 12 stack on the adds but it will register on LK as closer to 20)
    other than that not alot really to it besides killing off the boss, it is easier on teh group to do teh "meta" achievements on normal mode one week then focus on all the heroic kills the next week because trying to do both meta and heroic in one go is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish wiht a group who are not entirely sound on the mechanics of all fights etc.
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