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    Why so many people hate Engineering?!

    I am a fan of Engineering - it gives me Parachute (slowfall), AoE Taunt dummy with 75k HP (saved me or my party many times in HCs), 480 stat Gloves gizmo on 1min CD, Epic Engi customizable helm, Jeeves (repair bot), Moll-e (remote mailbox), various teleports across the world - and some other fun items! Also guns and bows and crossbows that you can reasonably sell, as well as the gnomish army knife that can rezz fast and without mana cost! And the best fishing lures in the game is made by Engi xD!
    Both gizmos i use have NO chance to backfire, and there are even more devices that can be useful - i just have not gotten around to making them

    It may not be a "clear cut" profession like JC or BS where your bonuses are quite simple, but with all the stuff i mentioned above - i believe it is more than viable, not to mention it is very very useful and fun!
    Only bad side of Engi is that it is nasty for leveling, but once u max it out - hilarity ensues! xD

    So, why do so many players hate Engineering?

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    Who the hell told you people hate Engineering?

    I have Engineering, and people love my goodies i bring.

    No one hates Engineering!

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    Mostly because they want their professions to be profitable.

    I enjoy it because it's fun.

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    Love the perks and items, I hate leveling it.
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    Its useless in rated PvP and rocket "boots" backfire more than they actually work. Glove stat boost shares CD with PvP use trinkets making it useless for burst. It has its perks like moll-e and so on but that's just not enough. Gnomish armyknife fails about 70% of the time anyway. Only good it atm would be selling tohse new 365 guns, but yea PvP 359 weps are so hard to get.

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    Probably because it makes them think of gnomes.

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    i <3 my engineering, cost a bit to level it though, wish the stuff you make would work in arena, i mean its my profession.... then again the stuffs pretty OP lol

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    I have it on a couple of toons. Since I play hunters, mostly, it's rather useful. Not sure what Vapo is saying about the Gnome Armyknife failing so much - mine has never failed.

    But yeah, once you hit a certain level, it's a royal pain to level afterwards.

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    I personally love engi and glad i chose as my first proff

    but i think the hate comes with the fact that cata didnt bring anything truly inspiring and that most of the stuff you make you cant sell like the helm for example

    blizz could be really creative when it comes to engineering even if its just pointless vanity items which i love

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapo View Post
    Glove stat boost shares CD with PvP use trinkets making it useless for burst.
    It shares 10 CD with all use trinkets, not just pvp ones. That makes engi the worst pve dps-wise profession after mining and herbalism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koishi View Post
    It shares 10 CD with all use trinkets, not just pvp ones. That makes engi the worst pve dps-wise profession after mining and herbalism.
    I personally would love to see the synapse springs gone and replaced with cogwheels that give a dps/heal/etc boost to gloves

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    Everyone loves engineering..?

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    Engineering was overpowered in Wrath (when practically every dps was an engineer), and all these "haters" wish it still was. Fact is engineering is balanced now with every other profession and offers essentially the same +80 stats, sure you might wish you could upgrade your helm etc, but then it would be a return to WRATH and every other dps would be an engineer again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idoru View Post
    Mostly because they want their professions to be profitable.

    I enjoy it because it's fun.
    Exactly, plus people usually don't post to praise things, they just post to complain.
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    This is so wrong it isn't even funny. If anything engineering is the best.

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    Engineering is useless for pvp, because if it was good for pvp it would FORCE every pvp'r to have engineering
    However for PVE its awesome and i hate on use trinkets so the gloves macrod to every other cooldown i have on my raiding hunter = some INSANE burst only touchable by a arcane mage

    In short, 6 year engineer here and its the best its ever been

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    I dont agree with u . imo engineering is funny, there so many awesome items!
    And engineering is useful in PvE , BGs and World PvP!

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    If you don't pvp and don't care about making money its the best profession for its perks (mailbox whenever, repair bots, portal to northrend, ect.

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    I love engineering, but lately I have been questioning why I have it. I loved it in T11 when I was main spec dps, (warrior here) but now that I'm main spec tank I'm just gonna drop it for JC. The synapse springs are nice, but I don't really need the extra threat from a 480 strength pop. Not to mention it puts my on use trinkets on temp CD, and while that's fine on some fights, on others it could get my killed if I just macroed it in to something.

    If I could get it as a 480 mastery or dodge/parry on use then I'd be okay with it. But as is imma goin back to JC.
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    You are making stuff up. Not sure for which reason, maybe you want people to interact with you?

    Nobody hates engineering. It may not be the pure stat boost such as others but it has its perks.

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