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    Prober useage of LoF is everything. I use mine on almost every break we take in raids. Some time you might need to use it twice to get the job done, but have no fear the lava is always near!

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    some dude decided to afk in ZG right before the fire wall torches. i promptly decided to pull him into them.. thus killing him. that'll teach u to screw with my run.

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    Lifegrip is to funny to use/be used on...well I had a parachute so I never really died :P

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    I try to use it to kill every puggle who goes afk directly after getting into an instance
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    Leap of Faith is the best spell Priest received in Cataclysm. Not also used to bring someone to lava or stuff... It:

    - Removing people from tornados at Al'Akir
    - Giving additional space to guy who run from Atramedes' fire
    - At the beginning of 2nd phase, taking away tank from Chimaeron, so he can kite him over room without rip
    - At Magmaw - bringing air failers to the ground
    - At V&T - bringing back someone, who just ended his debuff
    - At Cpt. Planet - bringing to the right debuff raider, who is farest
    - At Cho'gall - bringing back tank, who just kited add to the end of room
    - At Nefarian - several situations, when LoF is extremely good
    - Stacking group at couple of Firelands Fights
    - Removing people from fire at Majordomo

    I even think, that cooldown on Leap of Faith should be little lower, so I would use it more in fights

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    I won't go into the griefing/killing side of the spell that I enjoy using it for.

    Helpful uses I've done personally, however:

    Atramedes to help with the person kiting the laser in the air phase. This one should be well known. :P
    Good to use to get a tank into position. Especially if they have a long way to run (Shannox or Atramedes, for example, strategy dependent of course).
    When someone fails to get out of a tornado's path on Al'akir. You can lifegrip them out of it. Hunters, warlocks, and mages have means of staying on the platform after being taken away by a tornado, though.
    Though this has failed to pull them on occasion (not sure why it fails sometimes, but it does), if someone gets launched off of the stairs by the fire elemental after Halfus in Bastion of Twilight, you can pull them back up.
    Heavy PBAoE in a fight and a melee DPS is about to die, yank him to you, heal, then let him go back to the fight.
    Anytime there's a short cast, massive damage placed AoE about to go off and someone isn't moving out of it fast enough (or at all). Priestess Azil's boulder or Bloodlord Mandokir's Devastating Slam are two good examples.
    With a tank aware of the strategy, using lifegrip to prolong his life when he's dropping fast. Hell. I've used it on tanks with them having no idea I was going to do it. Better the tank be a bit bothered and confused than the whole group possibly dying.
    Jin'do spirit phase, lifegripping people to a chain if they're about to be body slammed in the middle of nowhere. Specifically great on the melee when they're working on a previously slammed chain and are suddenly targeted. Fast reflexes are typically needed for this, though. That body slam cast is far too quick sometimes.

    Mm, that's the ones that come immediately to mind.
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    Because it's abused so often.

    Sooner or later we're going to have something implemented that just /ignores life grip lol.
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    Yup. Spotting of good use of Life Grip in fight (every fight - Zanda, 4..0 HCs, or each raid) is even rarer than spotting proper group in LFD from various servers.

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    my rbg team uses 2 priests with me being a rogue, so much fun in wsg. sprint>gripped>gripped>sprint, hello easy cap.

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    I like gripping people into the circles on the ground on the way up to rhyolith, where the meteors fall, stand on the edge of the circle, wait a second or 2 and grip your friend onto the circle and get gibbed :P only do this to friends who wont nerd rage at you tho

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    I'm getting the impression that 90% of priests don't recognise the genuine beneficial moments of using this spell.

    It's not perfect, but it has more use than lulz and giving people grief!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sickopath View Post
    I'm getting the impression that 90% of priests don't recognise the genuine beneficial moments of using this spell.

    It's not perfect, but it has more use than lulz and giving people grief!
    But using it usefully isn't fun, griefing however is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backreaper View Post
    But using it usefully isn't fun, griefing however is.
    My favourite non-use was on Al'akir. Whenever someone was caught in a tornado, I would be all over them with a

    "NOT lifegripping you!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by sickopath View Post
    I'm getting the impression that 90% of priests don't recognise the genuine beneficial moments of using this spell.

    It's not perfect, but it has more use than lulz and giving people grief!

    Nahh it has some good uses indeed

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    I've definitely found uses for the spell in several occasions (aside from the obvious 'you were standing in fire'). Atramedes to pull the person kiting flames during airphase, rhyolith to pull a kiting 3rd/4th spark tank, etc etc.

    Anyone who's raged at a priest using this effectively is just being stupid. It's a situational spell, and has it's situational uses.

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    I've used it, on Atramedes, too. For me, it's been extremely challenging to do so, effectively, though. I have to be facing the person, within range, and stopped. More often than not, it's had a bad effect, more than good. It's not simply's also rng, and skill-dependent.

    I enjoy it, for comic relief, but I try not to over-do that, either. It's good to have people, especially tanks, aware that you can do it, so that they are not too "jarred" when you do it, for real. (Yeah, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it! Hah!!)

    A really good use for it, will be when I suddenly have mob aggro, and cannot use Fade...oh, Mr. Tank--come here, won't you?

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    just dont use it in PvP i generally hate it when someone grips me for no apparent reason

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    Our HShannox strategy relies heavily on having out two Priests (me being one of them) lifegripping our Riplimb tank (instead of trapping him) to reset the stacks. It's probably not the most practical strategy, but it sure is fun! I also love gripping Firestorm stragglers on HAlysrazor.

    There's pretty much a good use for Lifegrip on every fight; don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
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    Quick question about most of you use a mouseover macro for it, or just add it to your healing UI keybinds?

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    It really seems like more of a PvE tool...for the most part. I've seen priests use it on people who near soon to be exploding mobs to save them. But yeah, overall, for every time I see a priest use it to save someone, i see another priest using it to mess with someone twenty goddamn times. As long as they don't do anything to seriously hurt the raid/team I usually just laugh, it's not a big deal. If some prick did it to me while on my arcane mage evocating, that'd be another story if it were mid fight

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