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    Last night I was healing Zul Gurub and the tank had never been there before. When the chains came down on the final boss and he was going after the ghost adds, so I pulled him over with leap of faith and marked the big guys, which he then proceeded to pull and we almost succeeded in our first attempt. Lol it was awesome.

    Normally in Zul Gurub I only use it for the toxic cauldron if someone is a little too far out of position, but I sometimes use it if someone falls off a cliff and can't get back up or if I rez someone in a precarious place. I also like using it if someone is lagging behind the group and we are about to pull.

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    Leap of Faith is a really good tool for Battlegrounds, just have a clever usage of it and none will be allowed to talk trash about your spell.

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    I use it quite a lot. I'm raiding as a Holy Priest and me and another SPriest are having so much fun ! Gripping people after a wipe when then use Sprint or something similar, So much fun !

    Otherwise, I use it a lot in 3v3's. When one of my partners is being focused by a melee class, I like to lifegrip my partner to heal him (Need Sprint, Charge, Heroic Leap etc ... on CD to be very efficient). Same in 2v2's when playing against double melee

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    I'm not good at killing people with it so I stick with being annoying when running back from wipes or doing actually usefull stuff. Usually gripping people back who accidantly got themself into a lavatrap (or those who where to lazy to move from the big, red, sparkle stuff on the ground while fighting the trash-worms).

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    People get pissy because it's extremely startling and disorienting when you are unexpectedly life-gripped. It interrupts what you're doing, makes a weird noise, pulls you across the room, and spins you around to face a different direction.

    It has a few very situational legitimate uses, but I have to say 97% of my Leap of Faith casts are just to mess with people.

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    I have to say it can have some really fun uses. A holy friend and myself Disc spec were in a raid the other day and we literally had someone AFK long enough so we could LoF them all the way back, through the instance portal. We were amazed that it was possible to "pull" someone through an instance.

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    When Cata & Lifegrip was still new a guildmate pulled me over a chasm in Grim Batol. My heart almost stopped

    Last week at majordomo our priest pulled the tank a bit early into the group. "Pull in 3 ... 2 ..." - Life Grip - " 1 ... crap"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Theotormon View Post

    My top defensive uses include all of these, as well as a few others:
    1. Ranged intent on getting their spellcast off and not getting under barrier on Jin'Do? Life Grip.
    2. Anybody standing in stuff. Especially nice for stuff like Defile on LK, which gets bigger the longer you stand in it.
    3. Overzealous DPS who don't notice shields have gone up on Omnomnomnomotron fight

    My top uses, though, are these:
    Defensive: Pulling add tank/kiter on Nefarian to spare him a few shots, especially in phase 3
    Pulling flame kiter on Atramedes. As holy, I have speed shields, but it's nice to give them an instant 30 yard boost if flames are catching up.

    Offensive: BEST USE OF LIFE GRIP EVER. Any BG where there is a flag carrier, I heal him because I rule at it. After the flag room, you generally find yourself in the mid with most of the other team zerging your carrier. More than likely, you dropped out of combat after you grabbed flag and killed defenders - mount up. Ride ahead of FC and, when they start to mob him, Life Grip him ahead 30 yards. As soon as you do that, hit him with a speed shield. Instant distance. (the reason you speed shield right after is so a DK doesn't yank him back. They'd have to do it in about .5 seconds to pull it off) The best part is, after you life grip and shield, that whole, clustered together mob will run in your direction. Inevitably, they will try to stun you and burn you down. Trinket that initial stun and drop a fear. BOOM. Free sailing for your FC as they scatter, even if you may not get away.

    EDIT: Also works well to pull FC up on graveyard side, saving him a trip up the ramp or tunnel in WSG
    Might want to read the "speed shield" talent. Leap of Faith puts the "Speed shield" on time.

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    The rogues in our guild have learned not to use Sprint when we're running back after a wipe and there's priests behind them

    but there's a few nice usages for it:
    - first boss HoO: pull some interrupter back up when the 2 levers are used
    - molten core farming with 2 people: other guy (tanky type) drops down on golemagg, we kill him, I pull him back up, much less running to do
    - Deadmines HC, in nightmare phase with the turning thingies you have to avoid: use own skills to get to miniboss, pull slacker (or tank)
    - general use for helping someone kiting, for example last boss BRD hc

    When players stand in a fire that will knock them back or throw them in the air (very first giant in Firelands) I usually give them the chance to run out themselves, and only pull when I see them take off.

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    its great for griefing people.

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    I only use it on people that know me and i normally only do it (mainly on a warrior) when hes leap is ready

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    The main use of lifegrip is for me and our shadow to try to kill each other during trash pulls and on wipes.

    Other than that there are a couple of good uses for it: Flame patches on Staghelm (though range is an issue there), shields on Omnotron, kiter on Atramedes, meteors on Beth upper level, and so on. It's a very useful ability if used with caution.

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    I use it to pull people out of fire generally. The biggest use is on the 2nd boss in ZA when the ground turns red and the DPS just continue to stand there!

    My favourite use is on the elevator boss in BWD!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Danner View Post
    After several ragequit-episodes the priests in my guild have been explicitly forbidden to ever use this ability. In its place I now have a macro saying

    /w NOT lifegripping you.

    We priests still lifegrip eachother into lava during breaks though, but that's because priest players are fun people while everyone else are just partypoopers
    Have to agree here! Myself as the shadow priest am always playing about with our disc priest. She does the same back on wipe corpse runs, its all in good fun. Its about the only good use for it. Makes the rag-run a little less taxing i suppose :P
    Although i have managed to life grip someone from certain death in grim batol when the elemental was running toward a melee. I must have grabbed him at the perfect moment because he moved to me but the elemental exploded as if he was still there.

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    WSG (or Twin Peaks): enemy team drops the flag and our flag carrier suffers from tunnelvisioning or is heavily CCed and won't cap the flag anytime soon. Grip onto the cap spot and score. Found this to be one of my extremely common uses of Lifegrips, applicable in almost every WSG. =/

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    Being one of 2 priests in 10man raids is a ton of fun. LoF has almost made people shit their pants every single time I used it, when BWD was "current content". Stand on the very edge of the elevator boss, lifegrip people running towards you (doesn´t even matter if you grip while the elevator is going up again). I would do that over and over on wipenights just to mess around with them xD

    These days it´s used more as a helper though, can´t say Firelands brought tons of oppotunities for fun usage of LoF :/
    But personally I pretty much only use it on Staghelm fight to help out the other priest or others in need

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