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    How many healers for H-Beth'ilak?

    My guild is currently using 6, and we haven't made it to phase 2 yet.

    I've noticed a ton of guilds on WoL are using 7. I've expressed my concerns with needing a 7th healer as we are having trouble keeping up our soakers and our deeps during vomits.

    Le sigh. Any help would be appreciated.

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    7, the main damage comes from the spinners - they need to be taunted and killed ASAP, above all else.

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    We went with 7 healers, I would argue p2 healing is much much harder than p1, so if you are struggling in p1 with 6 you almost certainly need to roll with 7.

    You would be best assigning healers to soakers, and if need be have the healer soak a broodling if they cant healer the primary soaker up in time.

    I also found that spinners can do insane dmg to the soaker and their healers, so making sure your melee dps and hunters taunt these down is important too.

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    The main argument is that our healers aren't getting to the top fast enough, meaning our dps is taking the trip before our heals are.

    Good point on having some of our healers help soak, i'm a soak healer myself and I only find it more difficult to heal during vomit phases. Yet our soakers aren't dying, more so our tanks are. I really think that having the extra heal will be beneficial and will greatly outweigh the need for dps race in p2

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    We used 7, with 2 being up top because the tank damage is rather heavy for someone to handle that plus 4-5 other DPS taking damage at the same time. A designated healer for each of the den people plus 2 more for the drone tank and you've got 7.
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    We took 7 and only sent 1 up, but we alternated who that 1 was for the sake of mana.

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    We use 7 as well, 2 up top (both resto druids), then a priest, 2 shammies and 2 pallies downstairs.
    For going upstairs, the tank, then both healers go first, with all 3 announcing on vent when they are going up so the dps know to leave the webs alone until the "important" people are up first .
    Also in p2 you're going to want to set up a healing / raid cd order, and having a 7th healer add another cooldown really helps.
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    I think our healers are going to go like this: 2 pallies, 2 priests (both discs), 1 shammy, 2 druids. (except right now we're only using 1 druid meaning we only have six healers)

    Our 2 pallies having been going upstairs, but they're trading off with only 1 staying up there. I've been trying to tell him to just send up both, I've also been saying to get 7 healers. They have been complaining that our healing isn't good enough at the moment, but I argue that maybe having a 7th healer will help. We haven't seen p2 yet and I think that we should try and see all of the phases before we actually decide what our line-up will be.

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    I think if you can't heal / survive thru p1, you need to give up on p2 already .

    Out of interest, do you have logs?

    Don't get me wrong, I know my guild is toying with trying 6 healers, but 7 healers works for us so no real need to change things.

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