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    Don't put your treadmill next to a wall.

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    hes supposed to be wearing shoes. noob.

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    404 funny not found

    .. i don't get it.. treadmills usually have the emergency stop button...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheffield View Post
    404 funny not found

    .. i don't get it.. treadmills usually have the emergency stop button...
    It was probably one of those with the slide in card and a means to attach it to your clothing pulling it out if you go flying off....though that might be tricky with a wall bouncing you back
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    Not what I expected. I wanted his dress thing (I know I'm going to be corrected on it, idc wtf it is) to be caught in the gears...
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    I did not laugh, so I suspect it was not amusing.

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    that wall almost caught him, i'd be scared too with a wall chasing me down
    This pretty much sums up how i feel about this thread

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    If u are taking exercise with treadmil u'd better put on ur shoes and take off ur robe.

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    *facepalm* (x

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    I've woken up and put on my dressing gown jumped on the tread mill lasted a hole 5minutes before it got under my shoe 'was wearing shoes' and off I went :P... never again.

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    Or perhaps a better piece of advice, never let a friend raise the speed . Because eventually you will make contact with some form of concrete.

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    Please post funny videos to the appropriate thread in the fun stuff forum.

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