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    I have crashed glyph market few times. People who post with addons keeps still undercutting and you can grab few cheap glyph from there. Also some players may leave from that market because it doesn't profit so much anymore.

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    talk with him!
    offer him a deal. you buy his gems for 39g direclty, and he must not post them on the ah.

    -> you pay 1g less & his gems don't show up at the ah
    -> he receives more gold than he would if he sells through the ah for 40g

    win for you, and win for him by earning more gold & if he doesn't comply he loses his higher profti - your risk is him knowing what you want and using this info to outmaneuver you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fyranne View Post
    Buy from him directly
    I'd do the above. Certainly have done in the past.

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    cry cry cry.... boo boo hoo...

    your just a greedy sob... i cornered the horde cooking recipe on my server by constantly slashing prices from a ridiculous 400 per recipe to my average 50... now 100g...

    if you don't like competition stop selling you whiny little snot... you do know there are gold sellers in china working for 10 cents an hour who could put you out of a second..

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    I'm one of those who do large undercut on cutted hybrid gems, actualy only the Dream Emerald though (Green gem). I try to stay up with the market with the purple and orange ones.

    So maybe you will ask why ? well, i prospect ALOT, resulting in a massive amount of these unwanted dream emerald. (got about 15 Stack of those in bank) So when i see a particular cut listed at 80g each, i put 10 of them at half this price. It is in hope that someone will rush buy them thinking they made a good deal. Maybe you'll say it's selfish, but i'd say it is as much selfish than those who undercut by 1 copper. All i want is to get rid of these dream emerald, and nobody want them expect the tanks that want a mastery/stamina cut.

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    You cannot defeat under cutters as long as they remain willing to sell their goods at cheaper prices than you.

    It's called competitive marketing and it's good for the economy, it's good for the buyer, its bad for the greedy.

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    The only problem with the "buy the stock cheap and sell it expesive" theory is that you have to be able to sell it expensive faster than they are relisting it cheap.

    Generally speaking, when someone plays the massive undercut in 1 of the markets i play in, I just leave it for a week or so and then go back and hope they have gotten bored / run out of stock. Some times speaking to them works, but most of the times you get "u mad brah?" or some other ecool speak.

    I have faith in my own ability to find new / other markets to play in, it's much more fun than competing with someone who is happy to slash prices.

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    Whisper him and set up a deal and say you'll personally buy all of his stock if he sells for 25-30g a gem. Now you buy them even cheaper and can make a bigger profit.
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    You should first learn the most simple basics of the working of a free market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertex705 View Post
    Buy all his auctions, repost them for higher amount, you profit off his items
    Essentially this, it's been the rule since day 1 to just simply buyout all the auctions retards put up and then sell em at your own price.

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    Undercutting causes this much grief? I should do it more often.

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    i list cut gems for 5g each. Post about 500 inferno rubys just to make sure nobody trys to buy them all out. TBH i just love ruining peoples precious AH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steveyboy View Post
    i list cut gems for 5g each. Post about 500 inferno rubys just to make sure nobody trys to buy them all out. TBH i just love ruining peoples precious AH.
    i applaud this statement, wish everybody did like this

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    I can tell some people are pro at AH *giggle*...

    You can't do any harm on can make profit off them (but that could be what they want from you). Aslong you get you're gold it doesn't matter really, I still try to figure out why people need so much money...theres only like a few mounts in the game that sell for shitloads off gold and for the rest there is close to nothing you need gold for.

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    Sometimes buying the gems from the guy that is undercutting will not work. People that usually do this already have a crazy amount of gold, I am talking like 150k+. There is a guy on my server who drives the price of Ore and Gems down to a ridiculous amount and then he will cancel all of his auctions and buy everybody elses. He will just stockpile them all until a Raid night or something and reaps the reward. At one point, Brilliant Inferno Ruby's were 400g each and he was the only one selling them.

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    if he's got so many he should just be undercutting you by about 10%...but obviously he either
    A) has a lot of gold and doesn't care
    B) isn't really greedy and sells at a reasonable price so everyone can enjoy

    i've seen glyphs at extremely high prices (150g+) and i feel satisfied making 50-75g by selling something that's only 1s to list and almost less to vendor. that's a pretty huge profit margin.
    This pretty much sums up how i feel about this thread

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    You *CAN'T* make someone leave your niche by not buying their posted goods and reposting them at 250% markup. Why? Because if *YOU* don't buy it out, someone else will. If talking to him doesn't fix it, all you can do buy and repost his, and hope you move enough before he posts up again. The problem is, gems aren't really worth 100g. You're trying to keep the prices far too high, so someone is going to try and break in to your market. Hell, could be a move just to push you out the market.

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    The 'buy their cheap stuff' can work for a while, if you have large enough cash reserves, but eventually you're going to have a lot of extra inventory. When that happens, drop the floor out of the market, splash out your undercutters, and then wait a week for interest to wane.

    Then buy up whats left and go back to your high price.

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    If he shuffles ore, you can buy out his supply and do the same. Otherwise, live with him. Buying him out won't do anything, just deal with that price. You only want to buy someone out in certain situations, where the item is hard to come buy, the person isn't on often, there are only a few of that item and its worth buying out to reset the market, where it will stay for a while, etc. Buying out certain items, which can be easily produced is counter productive. Example, if I threw up belt buckles on the AH for 250g, around 170g profit, and you bought me out to relist for 400g. I'd keep putting mine out, and let you repost. In essence, you are doing more for his supply and demand cycle then normal buyers, you buy up everything.

    That said, it'd be an even better idea to try and talk to him, either offer to buy his gems through the mail, see if you can get him to post at normal prices, etc.

    Finally, you can move out of these markets, or wait.

    @jonuts. Thats sorta true, but not always. If you buy him out you are FOR SURE ensuring his stock is sold. If you undercut, his stock doesn't move. If you let him sell to others, he might (depending on how he gets his ore, his play time, etc) sell out his stock. But the gem market has a lot of competition, and it seems you are guaranteeing him yours by always buying his gems.

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    There's a huge undercutter on my server, he puts up ore at around 25% of it's normal price.

    I just buy it and resell it, he farms a lot so I can often buy 20-30+ stacks at his price and profit 3x my investment.

    I've probably made around 30,000g off this guy in the past 4 months.

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