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    Buy all his stuff up and re-list them. It's a win-win (and I'll explain why).

    You'll win because you'll make a profit out of this.

    The other guy will win because he probably doesn't give a shit about the economy (I know I don't) and gets his fair share of gold without all this drama about "ruining economies" or whatnot.

    There is simply no loser in this scenario.
    I think it is a win win lose.

    Win for the OP because he made profit by buying low and selling high.

    Win for the original seller since he sold his item.

    Lose for anyone genuine buyers because they had to pay inflated prices due to some greedy middle man.

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    Send him a long string of hateful messages from several alts, works on about 80% of undercutters.

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    under cut them using 1 item then cancel your auction and buy theirs.

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    just enjoy the fact that they are screwing themselves out of A LOT of profit

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    It all depends if you can get your gems sold.
    If you buy all his gems and you can get only half sold, then dont buy em obviously.
    If you make profit on buying then reselling his gems, just keep making money of this guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gramexer View Post
    I have crashed glyph market few times. People who post with addons keeps still undercutting and you can grab few cheap glyph from there. Also some players may leave from that market because it doesn't profit so much anymore.
    Yeah... someone crashed the glyph on my server to about 20g each (5 glyphs of each kind and unlimited supply).... There is no profit in that if I have to buy my herbs off of AH and not worth the time to farm. It's been like that for a month now. People who bots are bad, but ppl who bot and ruin multiple markets for everyone else is worse.

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