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    <W H O> 10/14 heroic (10man) Recruiting! (Twisting Nether).

    About us

    <W H O> Has been active for 2 years now (Created 5-15-2011).
    Our goal is to become one of the best 10-man guilds on the server. Aswell as improving our rank server and worldwide. And we've suceeded with this as we're getting much stronger for each new tier.

    As a guild our priority number one is our atmosphere, with progress coming as a close second. We're raiding with a relaxed / laid back attitude. We have fun while we raid, while we at the same time know when it's time to get serious.

    We want people that are equally motivated and dedicated both towards the guild and the raiding. You should always strive to be the best as you possibly can be.
    Your personality and attitude will play a big role in our guild aswell.

    We're currently seeking the following classes & roles:

    1x Warrior
    1x Boomkin
    1x Hunter
    1x Resto Shaman/Holy Pala/MW/Disc Priest

    We do always consider exceptional players, so even if your class/role isn't listed as high priority that doesn't mean that we're not interested in you!


    - Be atleast 19 years old.
    - Have 100% attendence.
    - You should obviously have good enough gear to progress with us.
    - Your should have PVE hardmode experience.(Both from current and previous tiers/expansions).
    - You should have a great understanding of your class and be able to play any spec exceptionally.
    - Come prepared to the raids. In time, with materials and well informed about the encounter we're going for.
    - Have 110% motivation and dedication towards raiding and the guild.
    -Always try to improve your gameplay. Maximize your character.

    Our official raiding days are: Mon,Wed,Thur,Sunday 19.30-23!

    For further information about the guild / any other questions that you may have, please visit our website (http://whoguild.com) or contact Ðreamless ingame! (Dreamless#2233)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Still recruiting!.

    - - - Updated - - -


    We're currently in high need of rogue/warlock! other classes are ofcourse welcome to apply aswell!
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    Still in a bad need for warlock+rogue. update: even if you don't have good enough gear or EXP, feel free to contact us anyways!

    Also considering boomkin+ Resto shaman!

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    We are currently recruiting:
    Balance Druid

    All exceptional players welcome to apply regardless of class and spec.
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    High Priority on - Warlock and Hunter!
    Also looking for a Resto Shaman, Disc/Holy Priest and Balance druid!

    All exceptional applicants considered.

    - - - Updated - - -

    HIGH: Hunter
    MED: Resto Shaman, Disc/Holy Priest, Warlock and Balance Druid.

    All exceptional applicants considered.
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    Update: 11/14 heroic.

    Still recruiting Hunter, Boomkin + Disc priest!
    We do ofcource consider all other exceptional+geared DPS and Healers!

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    Still recruiting a Hunter, Boomkin and Disc Priest. Also considering a warrior!

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    Update: Now mainly recruiting exceptional healers. Warrior/boomkin and possibly a hunter spot is still open though.

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    Spot open for Frost DK aswell.

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