About Us
Lunacy is a 10man raiding guild based on Kilrogg (Horde).

Our core principal is to progress through all the content that WoW has to offer.
With a skilled raiding team who take all challenges in their stride, we hope to raid through SoO (and beyond) with great success. We aren't just about progress though, we want to be able to raid with people we can also call our friends. We place high value on the spirit of the guild and believe that raiding with people we get on with plays a huge role in our success.

Raiding Information
Our plan is to raid Mythic in WoD so we are looking for people interested in joining us for the new expansion too.

Raiding Schedule
Thursday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday 21:00 - 00:00 server time (CET)
Invites start at 20:45 and we have a short comfort break each evening.

You must be able to maintain 80% attendance per month so we can keep a small roster to ensure minimal rotation.

Tier 16: Siege of Orgrimmar 6/14HC
Tier 15: Throne of Thunder 10/13HC

Recruitment for SoO
We will consider all classes but the classes below are what we are missing:

♦ Warrior
♦ Death Knight
♦ Druid
♦ Paladin

Additional Information
Website: lunacyeu. com

Ingame Contacts:
Sohrae (Naena#2991)
Anngrim (anngrim#2930)
Shader (Shader#2642)