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    ive had more than 200k across 2 chars since early wrath, i cant remember the last time ive "made money"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quakefan View Post
    Yay! U are stripping?? U are man or a women? Maybe u can show a picture about yoursalfe for us??
    It's clear this guy suffers from a mental illness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leorina View Post
    My BF buys ore in bulk, prospects it, cuts gems, sells them on the AH at the right time. He's also gotten lucky with some BoE drops in Firelands.

    Me? I just got a rich BF.
    this But im a boy (i assume you're a female) and im all alone in my nerd cave

    46k. i've only done this for 2 weeks all from 20k i looted 2*5k last week, and 1*15k this week. i expect roughly 20k next
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    hmm let me break it down per alt...

    My main bank alt
    Rare patterns, buff food, darkmoon cards of various levels, armor/weps from darkmoon fair turn ins, herbs, LK vanity items, enchanting rods, shirts(holiday/rich purple/LK), and a few potions(illusion and treasure finding),

    Alt 2
    all gems

    Alt 3
    glyphs and enchanting scrolls

    alt 4
    pvp armor, bags, pets, belt buckles

    I also cross faction pets and various faction only patterns

    Thats it in a nutshell

    I plan on adding the new BS patterns to alt 4 but went with the jc bag first
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    Guild pays for repairs and flasks so I don't ever spend money, just clocks up over time get free enchants and gems lol sitting on a nice 390k atm but I got lucky with a Lot of Boe's in f.lands
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    I sell epics. I have 110k at the moment

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    Tailoring (low level items, bags and occasionally high level stuff) + Engineering (pets and parts) + Inscription (glyphs and decks - yes, still) + Enchanting (simply buy mats, make scrolls and list). Takes surprisingly little time once you get into the rhythm of scraping AH for mats and posting a couple of times per day, 3-4 times for glyphs). Can rack up anywhere between 4k and 10k a day. If I have some spare time I also play the AH on scarce trade goods, like those from late Vanilla or BC, by combining low stacks into full stacks and selling for 200-300% what I paid for them. People who are powerlevelling their professions will gladly buy a full stack of something even if there are part stacks at a lower price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CricketEmerissEU View Post
    I sell epics. I have 110k at the moment
    I do this. spend maybe 10 minutes a day just 'playing' the AH.

    some days I don't make anything, but other days I'll make upwards of 50k.

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    I'm an engineer at a local company

    Oh wait..

    Usualy the old fashioned style: leveling alts and daily quests. My heroes of the storm recruitment link. Looking for MOBA enthusiasts to play with. I also want a cool bike tbh.

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    Normally I farm old world mats and either sell the enchants from them or just sell the raw material.

    Lately I've been farming 25m FL trash and getting epics. Really lucrative.

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    Straight Pimpin'

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    I run old world raids such as molten core and bwl for elementium ingots and blood of the mountain, plus a chance at the legendary drops. It's actually surprisingly good income as blood of the mountains sell for 1-2k on my server and the elementium ingots when made into enchanted elementium bars sell for approx 1.5k. plus all the gold you get from boss kills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CricketEmerissEU View Post
    I sell epics. I have 110k at the moment
    BoEs from ZA/ZG. Sell maelstroms too god knows there's infinitybajillion of them out there already but oh well, here's to another 100g.

    Buy volatile elements from AH >> Mail to Alchemist (transmute spec), make Truegold >> send truegold to Blacksmith/Engineer, craft boe weapons >> $$

    By the time you've gained some financial strength this system supports itself. I even take the time to craft my guildies gear at my own expense since it really doesn't matter at this point. It's just gold after all.
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    10k, i'm not really into gold that much. I got it from quests and a bit alts, my alts have about the same

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    I sell enchants and generally make 20k-30k a week. Only have about 250k atm because I have terrible impulse control and don't normally spend more than an hour or so a day on professions.

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    By enchanting mats, gems and cloth. Make scrolls, cut gems and sell bags.

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    Is there anything i can farm for money? I got most of my money at begining of cata farming crap out of ore but now i'm running low on money. Is there anything worth farming/soloing? Cba playing the AH.

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    Every few weeks I take my fake US dollars down to the local pawn store where I trade it in for piece of gold. I'm not sure when the store is going to figure out they are getting ripped off, but I'm hoping it isn't for a long long time.

    I do get a few silver coins every now and then, but I avoid getting copper coins. They just take up too much room.

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    I make a lot more gold now with a Enchanting/JCx2/Alch/Mine/herb (across alts), however I spend more than I make of late... some computer programmer stripping locally and Im making it rain!

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    900k right now. 4.2 craftables + flipping cheap epics. Before 4.2 it was mostly inscription with dmf trinkets and glyphs. I've dabbled in lw, enchanting and the gem market.

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