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    Transmuting truegold and volatile air. The volatiles sells for about 600g per stack, insane prizes and insane amounts of gold for me. I'm transmutation master too.
    And cutting gems and selling.

    Then the occasional mining and herbing. I don't bother selling the ores, not enough profit, so I prospect and cut gems and use them for daily JC.

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    Buy stuff cheap (<3 auctioneer), sell it back for sweet profitz. Also, VP Bracers go for ~15K on my server. And being the douche that I am, on my alts I join random guilds, ninja expensive gems and glyphs from the gbank every day till I get kicked, then find a new one. All in all, doing nearly no work at all, I make 6-8kg a week, +10-20K if I buy VPbracers.
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    I'm a spy.

    Oh, you mean in game. Quests and quests and quests, here!

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    Belt buckles, PVP sets, enchants, gems, JP boots, flipping items, etc. Around 250k ATM, with 10's of thousands more in the AH and in things to process.

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    I only have 117k now I made over 500k in wotlk. Nowadays I just do dailies and sell enchants. I used to sell gems, but ore has been expensive lately.

    Maybe it is just my server, but money simply felt easier to make back then. Perhaps I am just behind in economy knowledge, since I took a break when cataclysm came out.

    117k isn't BAD, but all these people that are like "I HAS 900K" makes me feel like I am doing something wrong

    I am really wanting to learn how to get back into the swing of things =/

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    I threaten to report the botters if they dont sell me all their ore for 50% off AH price. I then prospect it all, make necklaces and inferno rubies with the green quality gems. I then DE all the stuff, make scroll enchants and gem cuts and /win.
    Pretty much this.

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    Please keep this thread on topic - how you make gold in game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by embriox View Post
    Just give a short description of how you make your gold and how much gold do you currently have. :3

    480k. Cut gems, selling uncommons to specific people, selling uncut gems when price is right, heavenly shards and now darkmoon cards due AH not having many tsunami decks (its still BiS for PvP healers)

    EDIT: glyphs are no option, there is heavy undercutting going on all the time. Maybe its because im playing on same server that paragon does
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    At the moment the way i earn money is farming Firelands trash with a mate.
    Hunter / Bala Druid, just kite all the time

    Last night we had 6 pieces of loot in 2 hours
    Average sell price each is 18k
    18/2 = 9k/hour
    9/2 = 4.5k gold each.

    Some people might be even more lucky and get some of the crazy drops :P

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    Transmutation, JC and Enchanting mostly. Got about 270k atm.

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    Raiding makes enough money for my main server.
    On my alt server i sell some glyphs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cylitri View Post
    Transmuting truegold and volatile air. The volatiles sells for about 600g per stack,
    I hope you dont mean the full stack, which is for Volatiles 200. Because then you are loosing quite a few coins.... and i would buy all Vol-Airs you can ever transmute!

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    These days, mostly by doing dailies and farming old dungeons for whatever happens to drop.

    *shrug* I don't enjoy playing the AH much, and every time I try to get back into it recently it doesn't go well. My paladin is a jewelcrafter/enchanter, and my druid is an alchemist/herbalist.... but mats are priced absurdly high on my server. Flasks routinely sell for far less than the cost of the mats (and even if you ignore the volatile life, it's still a marginal profit per flask), enchanters on my server don't seem to pay attention to costs to the point where enchantments often sell for less than half the cost of the mats involved in doing the enchantment, and there are so many JCs on my server that anything gets undercut in minutes (and not by the same people every time; I've watched).

    I'm sure if I sat and watched the AH for long periods of time I could make it work... but honestly? That's boring to me. I need to do dailies anyways (for achievements, rep, etc), and I like running dungeons for random crap.... and the same horrendous overpricing of mats and raw materials that makes working in crafted goods so questionable makes selling old enchanting materials incredibly lucrative. I *hate* working in enchanting mats instead of enchantments (it's not called disenchanting...), but when I can sell Large Brilliant Shards for 40g each, Greater Eternal Essence for 40g each, Illusion Dust for 8g each, and Essence of Air somehow manages to go for 200g each, yet Enchant Weapon - Agility (which requires 4 Large Brilliant Shards, 4 Essence of Air, and Honored with Timbermaw Hold) somehow sells for only 50g....

    I think the crafters on my server are quite good at using addons to undercut and price things, but horrible at seeing how mats relate to the goods they produce. So rather than deal with it, I do things that I enjoy anyways and make money on it however I can.

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    Cloth, LW armor enchants, ore / bars, and food / fish. Sometimes the occasional herb, but they really don't go for much, so I only sell the ones I don't need that I've collected by flying around.
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    about 100k and another 60k in equity.
    525 alch,tailor,jc,enchanter,insc,mining and herbing

    if im lazy ill make 1500-2000 profit a day, and if i try i make 3-5kg a day profit.
    im usually lazy tho XD

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    u lost gold on making most of those gems

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    All I do is gamble during my raids and I am known to do extremely bad with low rolls and do amazing on the high rolls.
    What we do is say Gogo1k or however much you want to gamble and if someone else wants to play you they repeat gogo1k,
    there is no max amount of people you can have in a single roll either. After you do that you /roll 1000 and whoever rolls
    higher wins the difference in gold so if I roll 982 and someone else rolls 367 they owe me 615g and when you have numerous
    people everyone pays the winner. Mostly I roll 1k-10k but my record for rolling is a 20k and I remember winning about 13k.
    Right now in time I have 43,179g 22s 18c, mind you I have spent a large amount of gold on things like equips for raiding etc.

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    made 700k from farming firelands trash epics for a week

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