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    water and heartburn

    So lately ive been trying to stop drinking so much soda and drinking water instead, ive been able to do it minus tons of cravings, but it seems whenever i drink the water i get really bad heartburn. Anyone know why this is happening or how to prevent it? Warm water will give me really bad heart burn but cold water gives it to me too just not as bad as warm water.

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    We could do with some more information.
    Is it tap water or bottled?
    Do you drink the water on a full or empty stomach?
    Did the soda give you heartburn too?

    Just about everything I've read says drinking water should help heartburn, making me think the problem is something else, possibly more serious.
    For example you may have Gastroesophageal reflux disease (Acid Reflux)

    Go to a doctor as soon as you can because ultimately we can just speculate here.


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    Happens with tap, bottled, and brita filtered water. If i just ate something like bread i dont get the heart burn. And soda has never given me heartburn only thing that does is water and iced tea.

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    You have too much acid.
    You could have acid reflux.

    It has to do with the acid being able to burn your esophagus because the water allow it to move more freely and fills your stomach. Just stay away from Acidity foods for a bit and it should go down in a week. I got the same thing too when i drink water after i binge on coke for a long time. I don't have acid reflux though. Try sitting up straight so you stomach does not force it up more. I hate it that when i try to stop drinking soda for a bit it's the ONLY think i can drink w/o heartburn. Try tums as well there awesome and the smoothies one taste like heaven or try milk it good and good for you (except for the fat part but i drink skim.).

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