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    Through a Glass, Darkly? SP edition


    Anyone have any tips how to beat Thyrinar in the nexus instance? i have tired it over and over again and it just seems like i either can't do enough damage quick enough or the adds kill me.

    The shield is too weak and the VP isn't giving me back enough. Healing isn't an option due to the high mana cost and no time really between adds.

    She is doing 10-15k per reg attack on me. anyone else running into this problem?


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    Thoughts and things i will try:

    going to respec to :

    going to replace my shadow word death prime glyph with Power word shield.
    Also might add Glyph of Psychic Scream just to keep the adds in place and make it easier to nuke them down.

    I think this might be enough healing to last through the encounter.

    My tactic:
    going to dispell buff, going to silence every chance i get, and keep power word shield on cooldown. this should give me just enough to heal through the damage.
    Mind spike the adds as they come up the ramp. 3 mindspikes and a mind blast usually kills them. if it doesn't shadow word death does.

    avoid fire and fear adds as needed.


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    Posting an update.

    This spec and strat made the boss a cakewalk to solo.

    Use Silence everytime it's up and shield everytime it's up. Mind spike rotation to kill the adds and keep dispelling the boss.

    After that the rest is easy with the extra healing.

    Good luck to everyone else
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    I just got Thyrinar down after quite a few tries and multiple specs including the one above. Finally settled on a 10/0/31 build.

    As the apparitions are useless on this fight I went for survival and mana saving talents. I also used Power Auras to keep Power Word: Shield on cool down and also used it to alert for the Twilight Restoration cast. I made sure to focus on getting the adds down quickly. Psychic Scream, Mind Spike, Mind Blast usually worked. From there I just kited flames around the outside and tried to end up near boss if possible to make sure I did not miss a Shield and to hit him with a silence when possible to get a break from his damage and heal up if needed.

    As an added note Glyph of Power Word: Shield and Glyph of Prayer of Mending were nice to have when I had to heal. Pet and Dispersion as needed for mana and survival. Do not panic when he gets low (or you get low) keep Devouring Plague on boss as much as possible and keep killing adds and boom there ya go. Was a pain but worth it.

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    Here's how I did it:


    I just used the standard shadow pve spec.
    For the adds he spawns:

    1st: Fiend + Fade
    2nd: Dot it up + fear it off
    3rd: I have the haste buff now and just blew it out of its shoes.

    Keep dragon on focus, /cast [target=focus] Dispel macro on an easy to reach button.


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    I had a few problems with this at first when I was trying to heal myself, I found that if I spent that time doing more dps that VE kept me alive just fine, i used mind spike+mind blast on the adds, make sure you dont fear them near the ramp because sometimes they will run down the ramp and you cant attack them, make sure you dispel the bosses shield as well, run around the outside to avoid fire, roll dots on the boss the entire time and you should be good, I didn't use ANY heals, just kept shield up all the time, and make sure you use fiend on adds and kill them as quick as possible, if you have an add up when the fire comes up you're not killing it quick enough. And I didn't use any special spec or anything for it, just the normal pve spec, once i stopped trying to throw in renews and flash heals and just let VE heal me up it seemed stupidly easy and I felt dumb for trying to throw in heals for so many attempts lol

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    Keep dragon on focus, /cast [target=focus] Dispel macro on an easy to reach button.
    this is the first thing I did as well, as dispelling those shield are important.
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    I'd go so far to say that dispelling the shield is the most important thing next to not getting hit with the evil breath of death

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    In priority:

    When he beams you, run.
    When he gets his buff up, dispel it.
    If an add shows up during beam, fear it ASAP (daze will get you killed).
    Heal yourself if you are low, use death / dispersion / fiend / wings for mana - you have tons of it.
    Keep dots rolling on the boss.
    Dot or spike the add depending on the situation.

    I beat it on my first try but it took me about 30 minutes of this, I had enemy debuffs turned off on my target frame (because they are on my raid target frames normally), and didnt bother to look the fight up before I engaged - finally our arc mage came into channel asking how it went and was surprised I was still engaged so he googled it for me - soon as we found out about the buff he died in the next like 2 minutes.
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