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    is holy misunderstood? (tank, 5man healing)

    disc is everywhere. But is it because holy is just plain bad, or people just dont know? I was reading a topic on priests in the wow forums and quote abit of someones reply here. This guy may be on to something.

    The problems with Disc are more simple - basically, Disc is a pre-healer and Holy is a post-healer. If you switch from being a post-healer to a pre-healer, suddenly you have to break the habit of sitting around waiting for damage to happen (how Holy heals) to anticipating damage with a PW:S (how Disc heals). Most healers are post-healers - Shaman, Paladins, and even Resto Druids (Resto can Pre-heal like Disc, but it isn't as mana efficient and they can still get away with being post-healers since a HOT will still heal even if the target has already taken
    damage and won't be taking any more in awhile - which is not true with absorbs). So unless they've been playing the spec for a long time, most healers struggle switching to a true pre-healing mindset when playing Disc.
    I heal on paladin and druid and i can see what he means about them in 5 mans.
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    im having a hard time understanding your point of this thread
    Quote Originally Posted by adam86shadow View Post
    I hear people say bring War back to World of Warcraft, well how about bringing World back to World of Warcraft

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    Please fix that horrendous formatting. If you want to set it apart as a quote, use quote tags.

    I think it's a valid point that there's a big difference in the healing styles, but saying holy is misunderstood seems to be an odd conclusion. If holy, pally, and shaman all post heal and druid, and disc preheal shouldn't disc be the odd one? It's more unusual.

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    I've always found Holy to be the more comfortable option to heal with in 5 mans.

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    I thought it was a poem and i was like holy crap, that's bad.

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    i've always thought that disc priests were a little lazy lul but the cds and buffs they provide are just so useful it makes holy seem like a crappy version of the priest (considering holy provides just basic healing w/o any cds)

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    I think both the quoted text and the OP's conclusion are on crack. Each healer has a different "style." And what the quote is describing... is something that any decent healer knows is kind of stupid. If you're only healing AFTER somebody takes dmg, you're doing it wrong. ALL classes need to know where the dmg is going to be going and have heals either already on the targets or have a cast going that can be cancelled if it's unnecessary.

    Holy priests aren't useless/misunderstood, they are just undervalued due to a lack of a strong raid cooldown, imo. The terrible holy priests running around in 5's dropping Holy Puddles on single targets and running oom do nothing to improve Holy Priest image, either.

    As for disc ONLY being a "pre-healer"... maybe in wrath. Disc actually HEALS now--through a variety of avenues. But there is much more to the disc toolbox than PWS.

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    I personally prefer Holy, but logs point to disc as being more useful in heroic raids.

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    5man + 25man can favor holy priests. 10m however is horrible as holy atm imo.

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    Seriously, there is nothing wrong with Holy in a 5-man. There is nothing wrong with any healing spec in a 5-man, they are extremely easy to do once you have a certain gear level that's reachable in days without putting in much effort. If your tank is not extremely green you should be fine with just about anything.
    Even if you get problems: Holy is very flexible thanks to the Chakra states, you can switch from a more single target focussed stance to a more multi target focussed stance in one GCD. You can do both even in the "wrong" state, you just get better at one or the other depending on your state. Group will soon take heavy damage? Switch to Sanctuary, throw down the Holy Word and start spamming PoH, PoM and CoH. Tank will take heavy damage? Switch to Serenity, give him the Holy Word buff and stack up Serendipity before firing away with your GHs.
    Holy is able to handle just about any situation, a Holy Pally for example will get problems when there is heavy AE damage...

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    Both specs are fine in all environments; They might have weakness across the board but I find it alot easier and relaxed to heal as Holy in 5 mans.

    To the point, No; there is nothing wrong with Holy in a 5 man setting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tihr View Post
    I've always found Holy to be the more comfortable option to heal with in 5 mans.
    Same here, I just love CoH in 5 man.

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    sorry if the formatting looks bad, didnt look bad when i was making the thread.

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    Like Talan91 said. Disc is more often picked due to it's cool downs, not like holy which has GS that might or might not work. Disc has bubble during heavy AoE and pain supp which makes up for any comparable weakness in AoE healing.

    Maybe I should learn to play disc, hmm...

    OnT: I enjoy holy more in 5mans, people like to stand in shit, all of them, CoH/PoH saves the day.
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