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    I charge 200g each, depends on the item to, i crafted 2 items from new BS recipes, sold Polearm 20k healy mace 15k

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    Dunno why people would once again sell their orbs for rather low prices. The mats you need to craft the actual epic ain't that much. Personally, I don't sell only my orbs. If you have the mats, great for you, price for the item is still the same as if I had used my own mats. Generally selling 3-5 orbs to someone for 500g is still very much lower than what you still get from the actual end-product by making it yourself and selling directly.

    Just strikes me as odd because basically the supply of orbs is very much controlled since it's still BoP. Most likely the people looking to get items this way just put them to AH for even greater price, price that you have gotten by making the items and selling it yourself.

    Long story short.
    Never sell only your orbs. Get all the mats, and only sell end-product. You make a bigger buck.
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