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    Holy priest tier 12 question

    Those who have tier 12 now, what are you seeing as far as mana regen?
    Is the regen better or worse than tier 11? I'm almost to my 2 piece bonus, but was just curious what the community thought of it this far.

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    Regen is worse. 540 spirit is at least 600 MP5 raid buffed. The 2 set is like 412 MP5.

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    how much combat regen does 500 spirit give. because the 2 set gives like 400 mana every 5 seconds.

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    At one point I mathed it out vs the 540 spirit estimated regen gain and it came out really close, dependent on how often you casted the spells listed in T12. -- basically its safe to break your 4pt11 for 2pt12.

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    That doesn't seem as bad as I thought it would be.. I'm not healing as much as I should be though, perhaps I should post my wowarmory and see if anyone has any input. I feel like I'm getting sniped by other healers except on certain fights..

    but apparently I have to post a couple of times before I can post links

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    I have 2T12 and I can safely say that it feels nearly the same as 4T11. The 412 mp5 won't be added to your combat regen when you look at your stats, but it's there - and it's very nice. In addition, T12 has of course better stats, I highly recommend upgrading as soon as possible. Most of my pieces were heroic T11 and even then you want to upgrade soon, T12 is simply better. I would wait with equipping until you get two pieces, though.
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    I dunno if the rest of the people posting hear even have the 2 set, but it isn't very close at all. Unless you count ~200 MP5 as close.

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    The bug is still working btw (put 4p on, Chakra, then take it off)

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    thanks all for the input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    I dunno if the rest of the people posting hear even have the 2 set, but it isn't very close at all. Unless you count ~200 MP5 as close.
    Not sure where you get those numbers from, but I kept my old T11 pieces and just did some testing, unbuffed.

    4T11: 5186 intellect, 3056 spirit, combat regen 3974 mp5.
    2T12: 5262 intellect, 2588 spirit, combat regen 3953 mp5 (including the setbonus), 3541 mp5 without having the 2T12 bonus up (but you always have that up in combat).

    The mana regen is nearly identical and T12 has superior amounts of other stats. T12 simply is better.

    Edit: Don't forget that the mana gain from 2T12 does not show up in your combat regen on your character screen, but it will show up in your combat log (...has gained 412 mana from Divine Fire).
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    Unbuffed I have 70 less mp5 using 2T12 compared to 4T11. Meh, it's not that huge. I'd still go with the T12 even if I couldn't cheat and have both bonuses by swapping to the T12 after entering chakra :P

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    I believe the numbers I saw posted on these forums are 416 mp5 for t12 2pc and holy gets somewhere just above the 500 mp5 bonus for the 4pc t11. I'm having very few mana issues on Firelands bosses. The closest I got to being oom was on H Shannox because I just literally spammed the hell outta Flash Heal on Rage Face targets. I wasn't ballsy enough to cancel casts.

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