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    strongest energy drink available in USA local stores

    Strongest energy drink available in local usa stores? I know apparently wired 501X or something like that is illegal in like 2 parts of north america. So I'm curious, where is the strongest energy drink available to be purchased at by just driving my vehicle there and where at exactly?

    I live right down the street from 2 gas stations, the mall, a walmart, an albertsons, and if I really wanted to a target.

    So let me have it...36 hours with no sleep...I need a push

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    5 hour energy works pretty well for me if i use it sparingly

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    You could just go to sleep ofcourse, energy drinks never really gave me energy. I end up drinking coffee if I wanna stay awake.

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    The strongest? do you mean the one who makes you fat the fastest? or the one who makes you get side effects and make you more tired than you normally are?

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    R.I.P. 4Loko.

    My money's on 5 Hour Energy. Like sheffield said, use it sparingly. A)It tastes kind of gross and B)it's pretty potent.

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    I once drank two Redlines and was up for three days straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshdatroll View Post
    R.I.P. 4Loko.

    My money's on 5 Hour Energy. Like sheffield said, use it sparingly. A)It tastes kind of gross and B)it's pretty potent.
    I enjoy the taste, unless they've changed it recently. It does work well, though. I prefer Vault though because its mountain dew with more caffeine and sugar i believe.

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    Anything with sugar you'll probably want to avoid if you are going for longevity. Sugar will make you crash.

    The pre-workout supplement I make before workouts gives me a ton of energy for quite awhile and I don't really crash afterwords.

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    There's a drink called "Spike" it's three to four times the caffine, ginseng, and other stimulants in the average redbull/amp/rockstar. You have to be 18 to purchase it at the local store. The can suggest starting at a 1/4 can a day to get acclimated to it. So.... you could try that.

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    5 hour energy is probably the most potent. But if you want an energy drink, and not a shot that tastes like piss, Redline is pretty good, and they have a bunch of flavors. I use to drink Monster, Bawlz, Rockstar, and Jolt Cola. All of them did a pretty good job of keeping me up.

    Edit: Try eating apples, it always helps me for some reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sheffield View Post
    5 hour energy works pretty well for me if i use it sparingly

    ^ This sorta
    Yes 5 hour energy, kinda use sparingly...
    One bottle of 5 hour energy will keep you up for more then 5 hours as long as your not at that 'omg i just passed out for 10 minutes' phase... then it will be a shorter timeline...
    what i did and I did this when Cata was released was I ate fresh fruit all night and at about 9AM (was still fairly wide awake but was starting to crash) I popped the 5 hour energy open and mixed it with coke(what i found best to avoid most of the bad taste) and drank it all in 5 minutes, I was up till 4PM before I even had any thoughts of sleeping again...

    BTW, due to doing things like that and then becoming reliant on them to stay awake(I would pass out if i didn't have A LOT of soda and energy drink type things a day I swore off them, been clean a few months now, so use sparingly and don't get addicted!

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    5 Hour Energy is probably the one you want, but I haven't personally used it. Monster and Rockstar I've heard also do well.

    I'm personally a Redbull fan as it tastes good to me, but I'm immune to caffeine and only drink it and coffee because I enjoy the taste. By immune I mean I have some freakishly high tolerance for that alcohol, and medications and they don't effect me like a normal person.
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    ZipFizz for me. Its basically stronger than 5 hour energy.

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    Monster's the best, and best-tasting, hands down.
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    Wow you guys are insane . I mean... Aren't you afraid it's gonna blow up your hearts or something like that?

    Anyway I myself would recommend the "healthy" way, drink a lot of water, don't eat fried crap nor sugar and drink coffee if you have to. That way you don't get any sides nor will crash afterwards because no sugar and much, much less caffeine.

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    This reminded me of a friend of mine from a while back, no energy drink worked for him. So he and a RL friend made their own, mixing different variables together (not sure what was in it), and testing it out. When they finally succeeded, I'll never forget that night on vent. Jeez. That kid was up for like, 2 days (and he was borderline nuts, too), then I didn't see him for about 3. Was really hoping he didn't give himself a heart attack :/ but he was fine.

    Normally I'd be skeptical that he was faking. But I know this kid in real life, too, and he was pretty mellow. lol Not to mention, when he came to visit my fiance and I, he made a mild version of it for himself. And he was off his rocker for the entire evening... saw my proof.

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    Careful with caffeine. It's a drug, treat it as such; with respect.

    You may also want to read this quite carefully:

    And get some bloody rest, will you?
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    Energy drinks are great if you want to give yourself a heart attack by age 30 without actually gaining any benefit besides a quick burst of stimulants that will ultimately make you feel like shit. Also as KeirAdish noted, it is not only possible, but probable that you'll find yourself both physically and psychologically dependent on them just to make it through a normal day. I dismissed the addiction as BS myself, until I started having an irregular heartbeat. At that point I cut not just energy drinks, but caffeine as a whole out of my diet entirely. As a former smoker I know what withdrawal feels like, and what I felt for the first 3-4 days without caffeine was most definitely withdrawal. Do yourself a favor, start sleeping, stop pumping your body full of artificial garbage. Your grandchildren will thank you.

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    I see some people are suggesting sleep, which seems like the opposite of what you're trying to do.

    What exactly do you want to know for?
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    Nearest competition is like <1/4 of what this thing provides. Literally, the only caffeine drink you could die from if you weren't careful or were really thirsty.

    However, plenty of sleep, good diet, and WATER will allow you to stay up longer than energy drinks and caffeine since they all cause you to crash and burn more energy than they provide.

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