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    Cast the World of Warcraft Movie! GO!

    Alright so i saw the WoW Movie thingie on the slate thingie and I first wondered; Who's gonna be Thrall? And then i decided that the only people correctly capable of casting the WoW movie is us, so DO IT!

    Cast in no particular order, feel free to add and subtract characters as you feel. Idc if you line your list with stars(I kinda did :P).Genre doesn't matter either, feel free to turn it into a comedy and cast "comedians" *Barrier of space and time need not apply*

    Thrall - Sam Worthington/Christian Bale(He's played Jesus before!)
    Arthas - Ethan Hawke
    Jaina - Kirsten Dunst/Gwyneth Paltrow(might be a reach)
    Malfurion - Denzel Washington(Tough one for me, dont really like my final choice...felt pressured to pick a black actor.)
    Tyrande - Zoe Saldana
    Varian - Hugh Jackman/Kurt Russel(LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM...20 years ago)
    Sylvanas - Scarlett Johansson
    Garrosh - Gerard Butler
    Muridin - NO FRICKIN' IDEA. Maybe Jeremy Renner with a beard? I really don't know i mean I think anyone can do that accent.
    Illidan - Tom Hardy
    Kael'Thas - Joeseph Fiennes
    Tirion - Liam Neeson/Jeremy Irons (either one fits pretty well)
    Cairne - Does it really matter? Hes gonne be animated anyway. Put whoever doesnt get Tirion in here just in case theres a cow suit.
    Deathwing - Mark Strong (So perfect. Just a good villian actor.)
    Vashj - Helene Bonham Carter
    Kel'Thuzad - Ralph Fiennes(I DIDNT WANT TO BUT I HAD TO! IT WAS TOO PERFECT!)

    Some I nailed, some i failed, some were pure stereotypes and some were for the lawls. I know they are all way to famous, but this is for fun so shut it.

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    Muradin - John Rhys-Davies. Just because Gimli.

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    .......... Malfurion and Denzel... Wut? >.>
    And Bale as Thrall god no... Just no.

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    CGI means a real Warcraft movie. Nothing more. Nothing less.
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    A lot off these acters are good, but for the love of god don't put them all together in a movie about WoW.

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    Harrison Ford as Harrison Jones. (It had to be said)

    I like most of your casting.

    srsly though...

    Robin Williams. Gelbin Mekkatorque.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tzzentch View Post
    honestly what happened in BC? it's like the 60's of WoW everything is in awful colours, shit doesn't make sense and i feel like i'm trippin bawls everytime i level an alt past 58...
    Shattarath is kinda pretty but outside is a technicolor nightmare that looks like someone tied horses to the contrast slider and fired a rifle

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    Garrosh - Vin Diesel
    Illidan - Johnny Depp
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    The Tirion ideas are perfect. Either could do it.
    Opulence. I has it.

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    how many times can i list chris metzan >.>

    btw liam neeson as tirion is freaking bawss
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    How much are you wanting this movie to spend on actors alone???

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    Vin Diesel as Thrall (Puts on Flameshield)
    Scarlett Johansson as Jaina.
    Gerard Butler as King Varian.
    Justin Bieber as Anduin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drachman View Post
    Justin Bieber as Anduin.
    No No no NO NO NO!!!! No F'in way!!!!

    I'd rather take Shia LeBouf over beaver-boy any day of the week.

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    Can we get Ron Perlman as Illidian, just because he looks badass with some horns coming out his head.

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    John Rhys-Davies for any major dwarven character. He's already proven he can do it in 3 LOTR movies (as well as playing the Ent in #2).

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    Cast: 0 Stars, 1-3 people you may have heard of, 3-5 more that your friend who does nothing but watch movies all day might have heard of, and then the rest are nobodies.

    The actors in this movie are not make or break. The graphics and feel of the movie will make this epic or simple trend-pandering. The people bankrolling it should know that.

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    Arthas - Chris Hemsworth

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    Varok Saurfang = Chuck Norris 'nuff said.

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    Varian = Mel Gibson oh the insanity in the eyes...

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    Ron Perlman as Garrosh imo

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