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    new enchant idea's.

    hey all, recently started playing again and had some idea's for new enchanting formula's that aren't improvements to your role performance.

    1. Enchant ring - Luck: Increases rare and epic item drop rate by 2% in dungeons and raids (does not stack with other party members).
    2. Enchant ring - Precious: Increases gold dropped in dungeons and raids by 10% (does not stack with other party members).

    Why rings? because only enchanters have ring enchants at the moment so it wouldn't effect anyone's role performance who isn't an enchanter in dungeons and raids. These enchants wouldn't be needed but would be wanted by people who solo dungeons and raids and by dungeon/raid parties to boost the chance that rare/epic items drop such as BoE from trash, rare mounts from bosses like in utgarde keep and/or very rare twink items that drop in dungeons.

    They would have use for all levels after you can enter instances. If you have any idea's for fun/different enchants post them here.

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    tbh that sounds alot like FF stuff luck and precious not saying it wouldnt be cool i just cant see it happenin since if blizzard wants stuff to be rare they will tune the drop rate to make it rare and having a chant that everyone will have will either make rare stuff less rare or will just force blizzard to make it even hard to get stuff

    i would love to see more tank chants sumthing along the lines of blood draining or mongoose with a effect that changes the way your toon looks ( just got my kitty staff so i am spoiled and i want to look awesome in bear too lol)

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    I believe diablo had something like these (or 1 of them), again i think enchanters could have some more enchants that aren't just dps increases etc. They would also have a lot of material requirements and a large price for anyone who wanted them.

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    It would be nice to have some enchanter only perks like those similar to the kind of toys engineers have.

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    Woh, I have to say that i like ur idea, op. That's sounds very funny and useful! But I think it's better put on trinkets .

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