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    Disc and Spirit

    I've recently noticed a lot of high-end discs are reforging away from spirit, as low as 1100, to get other secondary stats, namely crit or mastery.

    I rarely have mana issues running with around 2200 spirit, so maybe it's worth it.

    Is this the way to go now as a disc priest, or should I stick with more spirit?
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    I've replaced a lot of spirit items myself and have about 2150 (Plus Tsunami and Fall of Mortality) at 367 ilvl.

    The need for spirit decreases as your intellect increases

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    I had 2700 spirit on my disc priest and someone suggest pulling a bunch of it out.

    I've already removed a lot and still don't have mana issues. I'm going to be experimenting with it more to see how low I can comfortably go.

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    as said above, as your intellect increases your need for spirit decreases (kind of ironic), and this happens 3 fold.

    1) you have more mana.
    2) you gain more mana from things based on your mana such as rapture, sfiend, HoH and replenishment.
    3) the spirit you do have is giving you more mp5 than if you had less intellect.
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    They probably have shadow offspec where you hardly need as much spirit.
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    I don't understand why you need spirit when int gives more than 2x the mp5. Is it that gear can have spirit AND int, boosting the mp5 on the piece? If so, how much of a boost are we talkin bout?

    Unfortunately for my pug BG teammates, I changed one of my specs to disc recently. I have very little spirit and am reluctant to reforge more than I need for shadow.

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    I've been reforging out of spirit since I was in 340 gear and sit on 2k spirit maximum in firelands raiding, but I really don't see top Disc priests going as low as 1.1k spirit...

    For me, 2k has been a comfortable level of spirit so far and with 132k mana raid buffed now, it's getting even easier and will continue to do so. I could perhaps see myself sitting on 1.8k with a 378+ gearset at the lowest but certainly not 1.1k

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    As far as top disc priests reforging out of spirit, I'm going to assume this was during the first week of firelands or before.
    In full t11 heroic gear those normal fights in firelands go down so fast you probably wouldn't go oom even if you had 0 spirit.
    The t11 encounters were also overgeared and after as much practise at them as these top guilds have it's unlikely their healers had to 'cover' for many mistakes made by the raid (they would rather gear their healers for more throughput and take less healers, bring more dps = shorter fight)
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    Was at 2200 spirit, now at 1529, still don't have mana issues. As others have said, the more int you have, the less spirit you need.

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