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    We're having troubles with Staghelm when we have the orbs up. Someone will have their stacks (we're trying not to go above 5) and then he'll jump that person, which usually kills that person. Is there any way to "beat" this mechanic? Or is it purely RNG?

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    Well, on my guilds first kill, we managed to get the orbs at 5% health left.
    It's all about finding your rhythm and your personal preference on when to hug and when to spread in order to maximize DPS without straining the healers mana pools.

    If you find the right timing, you will find orbs being the least of your problems.

    As in regards on how to "beat" the burning orbs, it's very simple - Be sure you're spread apart and have the raid members who are not taking the orbs stay the hell away from them. The orbs targets whoever is closest and does not have a range limit, so it's all about coordination between your members.
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    While I don't think there is a way to prevent this from happening what you can do to help is this. The orb locks on the closest target be it 5 yards away or 50 yards away. So whoever is on the orb can be a decent distance away with the backup being a similar distance but on the other side. That way if the person with the orb gets lept on they can move away and the orb will jump to the backup. While this will still hurt it will make it hurt less.

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    The person should start moving the second domo faces that person, not after he's already jumped. I know we have people who have low enough latency to basically not take any damage from a leap. I think dbm plays a sound, but I noticed it's too late, you should be moving before you hear it.

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    The easiest way to avoid this is to kill him before he gets to that phase, either by 2 healing for the extra DPSer or by pushing extra time on the previous phases (or just get more gear).

    Other than that the only thing I can think of is to position your melee/tank clump as the closest to the orbs, so that melee are the ones getting the stacks, and obviously he never leaps to them so they're fine. I believe that you can have 4 people at range and 6 in melee and he'll still be in Cat, so those 6 in melee clump handle orbs while the 4 at range do Cat leaps. However I have no tried this since we always kill him before reaching that phase, so I cannot guarantee it would work.

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    Have the person tanking the orb start moving just before the jump actually is about to happen, this is a dps/hps loss however untill people can focus and move when really jumped the dps/hps loss is minute compared to a dead dps/heal.

    The key to the orbs is 3.5 fold:
    1) Minor and already mentioned, no need to be on top of the orb. It has what seems to be unlimited range.
    Stick to your normal positioning unless orbs get real nasty RNG and appear in 10 yards of eachother
    2) If due to movement stacks get screwed up, dont fear to call a melee to run out.
    Yes major dps loss, however much preverable over dead heal/dps
    3) Keep calm, keep composed.
    The orbs do basicaly nothing but add some damage, though people tend to panic.
    3.5) Try and use this tactic, as most your probably spread out around the circle in a Heal + 1 DPS at 3 different points.
    Have the dps move to "gain agro" then as he reaches 4/5 "lose agro" then reset the stacks and move again.
    Having the DPS move is a DPS loss, however healing in that phase is much more important than DPSing. Also one of the 2 moving ensures more acuracy than 2 people moving around the same target.

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    Our tactic has been to push the first and third scorpion phases as loooong as possible using back to back cooldowns of various kinds. This means that if we even get to orb phase, there's usually only a few percent left and we just burn it.

    On the pull we'll wait till he gets to around 4 stacks then blow bloodlust so the dps can go all out while also speeding up our heals. Then gradually we'll use cooldowns like tree of life, rallying cry, power infusion, the uh prot paladin raid cooldown I forget, spirit link totem, bubble then finally tranquility before we finally force cat phase.
    I don't remember how many stacks we take him too but by golly are the cleaves coming out fast by the end of it.

    All these cooldowns (except lust) are up to use again by the time we have the scorpion phase a 3rd time so again, we push it as long as possible to let the dps go nuts.
    Obviously this is all only possible with our raid makeup but I recommending seeing how long you can take those scorpion phases. Even with 3 healers it's possible to get him down without having to worry too much about the orb phase.

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