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    guild bank glyphs

    I run a rather large social guild, we do a bit of heroics and pvp but we don't raid. I decided to take over one of the tabs for glyphs and keep it stocked, which glyphs do you think would be the best? looking at around 6 for each class, and i don't have a clue what would be best.

    Can anyone give me a few suggestions? My scribe has every glyph in the game currently, all minors and everything, so the sky is the limit. I have an endless supply of ink as well

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    you can pretty much put any minors in since there mostly vanity, majors well most classes only have 1 or 2 mandatory ones so just do aquick google search and primes you should look up a guide for each class/spec to see what glyphs are best for them

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    well just think of each talent tree, and pull the 2 main glyphs from its use, theres your 6/class

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    Visit Wowpopular. It'll definitely help you figure out which glyphs to make.
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    thanks guys.

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    There is very little reason to keep a stock of glyphs since they are no longer consumed when you swap them. IMO stock something else.

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    I kinda agree with the above. You're going to see a lot of glyph's gather dust unless your social guild is heavily into alts. I definately wouldn't make more than two of any glyph. And I'd start with the glyph's for classes that you know guildies are leveling.

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    for minors definitly get:
    Unburdened Rebirth
    Slow fall
    Horn of Winter
    Mirror Images
    Feign Death

    then u can do Major like:
    Mass Dispel
    Psychic Horror
    Ice Barrier

    just to name a few.

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    You could also add to the guild message: "If you want a glyph crafted, PM or send mail about it to <insert your name here>."

    You save a lot of materials and bank space this way
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    I advised new GM of one of my guilds (got some alts ya'know) to sell all the stacked glyphs and store some Blackfallow inks instead. That way seem more guildbank-slot-effective.

    To be honest, even though it is more effective I think people were more willing to ask for a glyph than for mats for it from gbank, especially when come Cataclysm finding a scribe isn't that easy.

    From my recent experience, new Glyph of Unleashed Lightning is in really high demand. For now.

    Also, it seems that holy and disc priest BiS Glyphs (check Elitist Jerks for it) are all the time in demand.

    Actually if you choose to stack glyphs instead of inks in guildbank, I think best choice is to check Elitist Jerks for every class and spec (and for pvp too - Arena Junkes I think?) BiS glyphs and store only these. There are some "candy" glyphs that are nowhere close to being BiS (mainly minors) but still in high demand - for these you have to ask people with 85's mains of given class/spec or get to know in some other way which ones are these. Or just ignore minors completely. Or whatever.

    I'm drunk when typing this... However it's still true. Just saying in case you see some weird grammar or spelling or something alike.

    ...Actually - you might want to rethink wheter glyphs in gbank are really needed in guild like yours at all. My bet is that people in such guilds wants GEAR at most. Also, WEAPONS more than ARMORS. Even if it's crappy crafted ones. Setting withdrawal 1/day for gear tab might feed them enough, they will be happy to "ninja" it and sell in AH, but you actually might gain money, because such people being happy they can "ninja" such gear will stay in your guild doing quests and stuff and that perk that gives certain percentage of their actions will give you money. Well, that depends how you handle gold in guildbank that is... And what kind and how many and so on people are in your guild.

    Just rethink - leading a "social/leveling/whatever/lol" guild might give you more gold that any (even these you pay real money for) guides about how to make gold (aka auction house farming guides).

    Also just have to add as I'm getting more and more drunk - I'm so awesome you might never be able to dream about.

    No really now I have to say this - beer sux. Buy somethink like vodka and something and some juice (but not Coka (aka Coca-Cola)), mix these and make drink for yourselves - it's cheaper and you get desired effect faster xD.
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