View Poll Results: What is the best farmer?

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  • Death knight

    11 6.11%
  • Paladin

    5 2.78%
  • Priest

    2 1.11%
  • Mage

    3 1.67%
  • Druid

    109 60.56%
  • Shaman

    1 0.56%
  • Warrior

    5 2.78%
  • Rogue

    1 0.56%
  • Hunter

    20 11.11%
  • Farming sucks!

    23 12.78%
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    Depends on what you're farming...

    - Herbalism and Mining: druids (notably: tauren druids)
    - Archaeology: dwarves (any class)
    - Fishing: death knights and shaman (water walking is quite useful)
    - Mobs: basically any class that doesn't require a lot of downtime (e.g. Hunters, Protection Paladins, etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciggy View Post
    Herbs = tauren druid, anything else, hands down, demonology lock. Flat out farming, nothing better.

    I have a couple botting friends, and they all roll locks. Little to ZERO downtime, seriously. Soulstone = zero run backs. But we all know, you will never die.

    GG botters, GG.

    But, OP didn't ask what class is best to bot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elica View Post

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    If you're farming mobs, nothing beats a warrior and his charge/intercept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Téuntjûh View Post
    Human warrior:
    Farmers who work hard.

    Herbs : tauren druid
    Skinning : Worgen druid
    Ore : Anything paladin
    Cloth : Anything with good burst or self heals

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    Are we talking about farming nodes and herbs, or farming skins? B/c druids are best herb/mining farmers, while I think that (worgen) Hunters are one of the best for farming mobs/skins.

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    The only reason people are choosing Druid is because they don't have to leave flight form to grab an herb. I'm choosing Hunter because of how quickly I can kill mobs to skin with very little downtime in between (not even having to heal).

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    It has to be hunter.

    I know most people will say druid because of herbing, but if you're not herbing, it is hunter, hands down.

    As a hunter farming, you have no downtime what so ever. Even as a druid you have to shift out of a form to heal yourself and then shift back into your form, and all of that costs mana too.
    As a hunter, all you have to do is mend pet every now and then, but you can just keep going no matter what. You never run out of mana either.

    A warlock might work as well because it's pretty close to a hunter, but you're still using mana (granted if you do it right you'll never even be close to oom when farming, but still), and your pet heal is not a HoT but a channeled ability. So there's more things to keep track of as a warlock.

    Melee classes with selfheals might work too, but I've found that in a lot of situations the selfheals don't cut it when farming.

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    Hunter for killing mobs farming

    tauren druid for herbs/minning

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mob View Post
    Tauren druid <.<
    pretty much this
    easier and faster.. i can farm, by the same time almost twice herb with my taurant druid then my draenei shamy!

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    I'm total agreement as far as going along with druidssss

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    Even gathing ores, the druids ability to instantly poofda back into a flybird is win. I use a druid mining/skinning for mat farming.

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    Druid. By far.

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    But not just taurens
    Night elf druids are amazing gatherers too

    SHADOWMELD ... its awesome
    Even when a tauren happens to get attacked while mining for example , he has to kill them
    A night elf shadowmelds and insta flightforms

    ok ok
    Taurens still own
    But pls dont underestimate Night elf druids

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    Depends what your farming and where...

    For gathering by flight nothing beats a druid herbalist/miner.

    However if you choose to mine underground where many mobs and nodes are (such as the elementium depths), grab a rogue or a hunter. Between stealth and camo, CCs and agro dumps those guys have farming in the dangerzone truly nailed.

    For fishing, DK and Shaman waterwalking ftw.

    Mob grinding, has to be a hunter. There is a reason why all the chinese farmers had them, low downtime, CCs, agro dump, and personal tank.

    So concluding all situations into account, I would say Hunter wins overall simply because anyone can farm by flight and hunters can farm effectively in any situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uriel View Post
    what you wanna farm?
    Herbs are those stupid Herbchickens the worst (tauren)
    Leather go Worgdruid
    Ore Druid or Paladin + crusaderaura
    Mobs almost any Tankspecc with a bit selfhealing.. DK for example.
    ^This sums it up, so far as speed goes. I can attest to how many times I've lost an herb to a Tauren Druid in flight form, swooping in to pluck with the half-second cast time. It's also one of the things that gave me the sarcastic will to make my Worgen Druid a skinner, on top of doing herbalism


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    I would have to say either a DK, pally or druid. The druid for flight form, and the DK and Pally because they can get the movement speed increase.

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    tauren druid for herbing. cant beat that.

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    Druid defo
    p.s. It's class not character :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Draenei View Post
    This sound like similar problem I faced on Exodar. You should consult O'ros. O'ros know best for you. Female is tricky subject.

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    I find my pally pretty good for farming plus being able to solo pretty much most old content and raids boosts the gold coming in oh and one other thing doing payed runs for low level or twinks I bring to the party tank heals dps so the low levels just tag along and I get a nice bit of gold while they get thier epics and achievements

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