View Poll Results: What is the best farmer?

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  • Death knight

    11 6.11%
  • Paladin

    5 2.78%
  • Priest

    2 1.11%
  • Mage

    3 1.67%
  • Druid

    109 60.56%
  • Shaman

    1 0.56%
  • Warrior

    5 2.78%
  • Rogue

    1 0.56%
  • Hunter

    20 11.11%
  • Farming sucks!

    23 12.78%
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    Lol for herbs druids obv, but for mobs, if played cirrectly a aff lock can do soo much better than almost everything else. But lock is no option in the poll.
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    Hmmm... Depends what you are farming.
    Low level instances? Paladin, melee classes benefit 'cause they are right by the body they need to loot, they can heal, no need for rage when they are farming and crit immune helps reduce incoming hits.

    Herbs and gathering in general? Druid. Instant flight form and Tauren Druids can ninja herbs with lightning speed.
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    Chinese Tauren Druid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pullup View Post
    best farming character? one equiped with honorbuddy
    Your recommending a pvp bot that will get you banned - cool!.... wait.
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    I knew it would be useful to be french at some point.
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    just get a mac. It's like sleeping with a fat chick to avoid STD's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phyrix View Post
    Melee classes with selfheals might work too, but I've found that in a lot of situations the selfheals don't cut it when farming.
    Victory Rush says hi with the glyph and 2/2 Field Dressing. Ret Paladins can also heal quite well if they get a killing blow, their next Holy Light will heal for 300% more. It´s a very slow cast, but it´s very cheap.

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    herbing. tauren druid amg. ive robbed so many ppls herbs before.. so many hate whispers i've received... haha

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    I'd say a warrior or a paladin would be good at sorting out your crops, although druids are in touch with nature...

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    tauren droods cause they steal mah herbs.
    rogues are ok farmers too ( sap-> loot herbs/mines-> run away)

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