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    What professions for Holy Priest?

    I have a lot of free time lately, so I figured I'd level some professions. Which ones would be the most beneficial to a Holy Priest?
    Pallys FTW

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    Tailoring & Enchanting is always a safe bet.

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    ok, thanks, I'll gve em a try
    Pallys FTW

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    If you plan to raid with that priest I would vote inscription and alchemy. Inscription so you dont have to do rep daillies in deepholm to get your shoulder enchant and Alchemy for the increased Flask duration. Plus alchemy produced a great entry level trinket and Inscription produces the amazing Darkmoon Cards.

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    Well my priest is already geared, so getting enchants and such isnt very important to me.
    Pallys FTW

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    Tailoring & Alchemy seems good for holy priest . The enchant of cloak in great , Flying Carpet looks very cool and imo alchemist stone always good to healers.

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