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    Question where to farm embersilk? making gold tailoring?

    Hello everyone, first I would just like to say I really apreciate any advice given as my mind is open to suggestion's and I benefit from other's knowledge so thank you.


    1. Where is the best place to farm embersilk cloth?
    2. What is the most effective way to make ALOT of gold as a tailor? (With or Without FL Patterns)

    Thanks BD

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    i dont know about farming locations, but a good steady income of cash is just to make bags. Other than that, im not really sure...

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    TB is a good spot you can do your dailies and get over 100 plus embersilk cloth per day. Instances where there are a lot of humanoids are good too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanian View Post
    TB is a good spot you can do your dailies and get over 100 plus embersilk cloth per day. Instances where there are a lot of humanoids are good too.
    I have to agree that if you are doing your dailies in TB then it's a great spot to get cloth. However if you are like me and loathe dailies, the trogg packs on the western edge of deepholm have a very good drop rate, respawn very quickly and coupled with a treasure pot can bring in some extra cloth/mats.

    As for making gold with tailoring, the pvp items market has all but shatt itself. Leg enchants are a good use of your dreamcloth CDs, bags are decent gold(don't waste your time with the dreamcloth one.) and selling stacks of embersilk bolts(they go for 250-350 a stack on my server).

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    You don't have to be on the TB dailies in order to farm Embersilk Cloth there. I've actually experienced some of the best droprates and respawn rates on the soldiers in the keep of the mainland Tol Barad - the Keep on the western coast, with that guy named Farson in there. It's even better when none of the dailies for that day have players going to the Keep, because then you'll have it pretty much to yourself.

    Also - using a Potion of Treasure Hunting (I think its called? Perhaps its Treasure Tracking, or Seeking. Something like that) will further increase your droprate as this potion allows small chests to drop off of mobs. This chest can contain Embersilk Cloth.

    EDIT: And making the Spellthreads with your Dreamcloth was pretty lucrative earlier in the year. I don't know so much about now, but I'd imagine similar prices.
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