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    Baleroc and Glyph of Flash Heal

    Do you glyph it or would consider doing so? I'm thinking of switching glyph of PoH for this one specifically for this fight. When Decimation Blade hits and the druid and me are on tank and paladin is on raid it can get kinda dicey.

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    NVM old post: i did read wrong.

    OT: it might be a good considering, since poh is useless on that fight
    also make sure that you communicate good with the cooldowns. and keep this rotating to
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    If you wanted to then by all means, swap Glyph of PoH for Flash heal. PoH is useless in this fight but then so is the Flash Heal glyph once the tank is over 25%, which one (or two depending on your spark stacks) Flash Heals will probably put you over anyway.

    It's certainly a better choice than the PoH glyph for this fight, but I don't think it's necessary.

    Are you trying to do this fight with one tank?

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    No, we got 2 tanks. The DK tank pulls first and gets health to 265k and stays that way for the rest of the fight and taunts for Decimation Blade (she's easier to top off), the other tank takes all the blazing glorys and tanks inferno blade. Think we're doing it wrong?

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    If you're 2 tanking it you're going to want Penance, Barrier and PWS. Penance is the best way to activate vital flame and getting a quick heal on the tank during deicmation as well. Barrier is pro during Inferno Blades and PWS is obvious
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