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    Disc vs Shadow PVP

    I'm showing some serious noobness here. Shadow frustrates me in BG's due to running out of mana. Does disc have mana issues in BG's?

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    Eh, I'm sorry to say that, but if you go OOM in BGs you probably should rethink your way of playing the spec.
    Unless you are terribly undergeared, in which case I would suggest getting the gear first before deciding to drop a spec.

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    make sure you're using SW everytime its off CD when you're playing shadow.
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    Shadow has some fairly unique mana recovery tools. Make sure you take the talent masochism so that every shadow word: death you use you recover 10% of mana. Just be sure to time its use so you can get that instant finisher when you need it. Spec into disc for dark evangellism which gives you back a ton of mana. Veiled shadows and sin and punishment lower the cooldown on your shadow fiend which is also a great mana recovery tool. Using mind blast on someone with your vampiric touch on them gives you 1% of mana over 10 seconds (not sure about the mechanics of this one).

    In terms of playstyle, S Priests are not spammers. This isn't the spec to play if you want to be consistently pressing buttons for burst. You have three dots that do a TON of damage. Just make sure your dots are on the target, try and get in a mind blast when you can and SW: D. Mind flay when you have the option, its cheap as hell and stacks dark evangellism.

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    Make sure you're using dispersion when expecting high incoming damage, even from one enemy player, like frost mage deep freeze or if a feral/rogue jumps you, it gives you back a ton of mana and really gives you an edge. I hated dispersion before i started focusing on PvP, and now i pretty much worship it. Also, glyph it.

    As has been stated in this thread, you really should be using SW : D on every player you fight, its such a good execute and gives you back enough mana to sustain your rotation if you're specced into masochism (which also gives you back mana if you take a big hit, which also usually gives you a shadow orb with Harnessed Shadows. Us PvP Spriests are gluttons for punishment). Also, as people above me have said, Archangel gives you a massive chunk of mana.

    Once you get comfortable with your keybinds and the way the talents work in cohesion, you won't have many mana problems.

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