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    Volatile Life and Milling.

    Just a random thought I decided to share, I think it would be a good idea if there was a slight chance to get a Volatile Life while milling herbs. Seems rather fitting to me. Anyone agree or disagree?

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    You get it for picking it, which makes sense. I don't see grinding them into paste as a proper way of extracting volatiles imo.

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    On a similar model, you'd need to get Volatile Fire/Water/Earth from prospecting things.

    I think it'd just create a slight overabundance of Volatiles. Volatile Lives, as they stand, are, I think, the easiest to obtain.

    But really I just disagree because I know Scribes who have simply absurd amounts of money. They don't need any more!
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    On a similar model, you'd need to get Volatile Fire/Water/Earth from prospecting things!
    You get Volatile Earth when prospecting... was it pyrite or pyrium? I can never remember.

    Anyway, we already get Burning Embers from the herbs, so I think getting Volatile Life as well would mean too much goodies from milling. Besides, Volatile Lives already go for 2g each on my server, so getting them from milling too would drive the prices even lower.
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